Loss per billion: the head of Microsoft admitted to the “greatest mistake”

“The greatest mistake” Microsoft has been a complete fiasco in the market of mobile platforms

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Потеря на миллиард: глава Microsoft признался о "величайшей ошибке"

Bill gates deeply regrets the lost market to $ 400 billion

The former head and co-founder of Microsoft bill gates in an interview with Global Village admitted on “the greatest mistake” of the company’s history. Gates admitted that he made the wrong decision on the market of mobile platforms, losing the championship to Android and lost a huge market of hundreds of billions of dollars.

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“The greatest mistake I made was due to my poor management of Microsoft, as a result, we have allowed Android to succeed. Android is the standard mobile platform running on Apple devices. Microsoft had a huge chance to win. At that time there was only room for one operating system than Apple’s. In the result, Android has won, taking the market to $ 400 billion,” – said bill gates.

Потеря на миллиард: глава Microsoft признался о "величайшей ошибке"

Windows Phone not able to compete with Android and iOS, and the project was closed in 2015

In 2005, Google acquired Android “only” $ 50 million. Former CEO Eric Schmidt admitted that Google’s strategy was absolutely correct in its superiority over the mobile operating system of Microsoft with its Windows Mobile.

“We were very concerned that Microsoft’s mobile strategy will be successful. But Android eventually “killed” the Windows Mobile and Windows Phone, and became the equivalent of Windows in the mobile world,” said Schmidt.

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The recognition gates were discouraging. Many assumed that a missed mobile opportunity Microsoft was a mistake of Steve Ballmer. Because, as you know, Ballmer at the time were criticized and ridiculed the iPhone , calling it “the most expensive phone in the world, and he does not attract business customers because it has no physical keyboard”.

Bill gates is really sorry because of its strategic mistakes. The billionaire said that the products Windows and Office are incredibly successful in the world, however, if not for a missed opportunity with the mobile market, Microsoft would not become the technological leader it is today.

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Recall that Microsoft completely shut down the Windows Phone project, abandoning the Lumia brand and Nokia. Mobile apps on this platform also began to “wither away”, for example, Facebook and Instagram announced was otkazal from Windows 10 Mobile. However, Microsoft secretly preparing a new smartphone, not on Windows.

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