Lost in space season 2 : new robots, and new dangers in the trailer

Lost in Space season 2 : new aliens, new robots, new dangers in the trailer

Surprise, Netflix also has a Christmas gift very special to offer us this year. In this month of December, it is the season 2 of Lost in space, which will be offered on the platform. The program ? According to the trailer, you can expect new hazards, and new robots/aliens. Attention spoilers.

Forget Christmas, forget new year’s eve, forget your family, on the 24th of December, Netflix will offer you something more important to do. What’s that ? Watch season 2 of Lost in space, his famous series of science-fiction. And if you look at the trailer that has just been unveiled by the platform, these new episodes will be particularly intense.

New dangers for the Robinson

You can see above, the Robinson family is not about to rest. Quite to the contrary. New planets, new creatures, new robots, new dangers… Will and his loved ones will suffer like never before and see their links to be put to hard test. And if the boy could always rely on the help of the intriguing Robot, it may not be enough to save them from all their adventures.

The positive point is that the series may have taken a year and a half to come back on our screens, but the creators seem to have taken advantage of all this time to prepare for the best season possible. Through these first images, you can actually see a scene more dynamic, sequences, spectacular special effects and much more credible. Everything seems more beautiful and more epic, in short, a nice gift for Christmas 2019.

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