Loto-Québec private$ 265 Million

Loto-Québec privée de 265 M$

The closure of casinos and games rooms will be private sector Loto-Québec revenues of more than 265 million $. It is more of a financial quarter that will be erased the next annual report.

On the 13th of march last, due to the pandemic, Loto-Quebec had closed its four casinos and two games rooms across the province.

According to the financial reports 2018-2019 and 2019-2020, between April and June, Loto-Québec had recorded revenues of approximately$ 2.5 Million per day in its gaming establishments. They are closed for now 106 days.

Because of the fears of the COVID-19, one can, however, think that less players would have been at the rendezvous this year, if the casinos and games rooms remained open.

At the beginning of the containment, Loto-Québec had also put an end to its activities of bingo network and offers video lottery in bars. The sale of lotteries had also been put on pause in grocery stores and convenience stores. It is taken from the beginning of the month of may.

Note that the shortfall for these latest offers of games is not accounted for in the loss of$265 Million.

Reopening gradual

On Thursday, the government has given the green light to Loto-Québec for the opening of casinos and games rooms. The players, however, will have to wait a few days before reconnecting with the slot machines.

The re-opening of the institutions should be ” gradual “. Loto-Québec also plans to reactivate its devices in the bars.

“The Company will soon announce the timing and manner for the resumption of its activities to ensure compliance with all health rules laid down by the public health,” says the director of public affairs, Patrice Lavoie.

“Our priority is to ensure that activities will be conducted in a manner that is safe and healthy for all employees, clients and customers, and this, in a fun environment,” he continued.

Because of the health measures, one can think that the offer of games per site could be reduced, as the number of players per table.

The Crown corporation has declined to comment on Thursday, the rumors about a possible wave of layoffs. Since the closure of its institutions, Loto-Québec has paid the full salary to its 5,000 workers.

“According to our usual practice, when we have announcements to make in connection with our business operations, we engage directly with our employees,” replied Mr. Lavoie.

The surroundings of the Casino de Montréal were deserted on Thursday, although some curious people like Gilles Lauzon have made the detour, ” just in case “.

“I’m excited and I’m not the only one ! With the announcement, I took a chance. There is more to have the taste to play “, avance-t-il.


  • Closure of casinos and games rooms
  • Stop sale of lotteries in grocery stores and convenience stores
  • Termination of activities of bingo network and offer video lottery in bars

–With the collaboration of Philippe Orfali


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