Lots of atmosphere at the Alouettes game

Lots of atmosphere at the Alouettes game


Long before the game, the fans wanted to cheer on the players and, during the game, the fans never stopped making noise to harm the opponent. After the game, the fans were on their feet to celebrate the Alouettes' victory.

Photos Thierry Laforce and Pascale Vallée

&nbsp ;The dynamic Julia Lapointe, who took cheerleading lessons during the summer, was happy to meet the cheerleaders of the Alouettes.

 Mario Cecchini, President of the Alouettes, welcomed Simone Arsenault, Béatrice Arsenault and Edith Parizeau, family members of commentator David Arsenault.

 Marie Fréchette, Claude Fréchette, Martin Gascon and Karl Leclerc performed their victory ritual after each touchdown.

 Benjamin Girard, Mickael Bujold and Maxime Rocheleau were nervous at the end of the game, which was hotly contested.

 Mathieu Lessard and Dominique Bernard and their six children had fun throughout of the game.

 These fervent supporters of Mont-Laurier had a pleasant afternoon.

 The renowned photographer e Eric Myre attended the match with his children, Gabriel and Elizabeth.

 I met the former LCF player, including with the formation of Hamilton, Arnaud Gascon-Nadon as well as 'Éric Duhaime, leader of the Conservative Party of Quebec.

 Sylvie Garand was proud to see her son, Félix Garand-Gauthier, former Cégep Lionel Groulx and Rouge et Gold, which wears the colors of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.