Lotteries: the SAQ will improve the rules

Loteries: SAQ will improve rules


These adjustments will give fans a better chance of obtaining the rare, coveted and limited-quantity products awarded by lottery at

In place since the beginning of 2021, the lottery system of the Société des alcools du Québec (SAQ) has replaced the famous Courrier vinicole. The idea behind this initiative was to democratize access to prestigious wines and products while facilitating the purchasing process via the platform. . After a dozen lotteries and a user survey, the SAQ was able to take stock of the process. And as in everything, she found some points to improve in order to allow a fairer allocation of the precious coveted products.

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It must be said that there was a lot of discontent among the amateurs. Accustomed to obtaining at least a few products from the time of the Courrier vinicole, a majority of enthusiasts have been left without the slightest bottle allocated by the last lotteries. The problem: the famous “goldfish”. This is the consecrated expression on forums and discussion groups to designate buyers who go “fishing” by multiplying the number of fake accounts. However, contrary to the rules of the Courrier vinicole, the products awarded by lottery are not automatically billed to the credit card of the winners (which had the effect of restricting demand). In the lottery, winners are instead offered the opportunity to purchase the requested product for a period of 48 hours, but there is no obligation to purchase. In the event of refusal, the product is put back into the lottery for a second round with the same rules in the event of an award. Subsequently, the product is put back on free sale called “residual” on

In short, you will have understood that without the obligation to buy products awarded, the number of goldfish skyrocketed and the chances of getting your hands on some highly coveted bottles melted like snow in the sun. This is why the SAQ is proposing to remedy the problem by making the following two improvements:

1. She will clean up the goldfish by making sure to validate legitimate accounts. All additional accounts will be closed. If the holder of an account persists in fishing by multiplying the number of accounts, the SAQ could eventually prohibit the holder of this account from participating.

2. The SAQ will force first-round winners to purchase at least one allocated product if they wish to be eligible to participate in the second round.

Also note that, for the sake of transparency , the SAQ now publishes the results of lotteries, so that we can analyze the behavior of buyers. We are also aware of the “goldfish” effect on rare products (eg Clos de la Roche de Ponsot) during the last lottery.

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It only remains to hope that these improvements bear fruit. This is to be seen during the next Burgundy wine lottery, which is due to start next week.

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