Lou Ruat (1st dauphine of Miss France 2020), admits to be “nostalgic”

Lou Ruat (1ère dauphine de Miss France 2020) avoue être "nostalgique"

Miss France 2020 : Lou Ruat, the 1st runner up, said, “nostalgic”

It has been over a week that Leniency Botino Lou has been elected Miss France 2020 live on TF1. Lou Ruat, who finished 1st runner up in the standings, has admitted on his account Instagram to be “nostalgic”. Internet users have responded to Miss Provence 2019, for them, the disappointment of his defeat had still remained in her throat.

Lou Ruat admits to be “nostalgic”

It was one of the favorite of the election of Miss France this year, but it is finally Clemency Botino (Miss Guadeloupe 2019) who has been crowned Miss France 2020 Saturday 14 December 2019 on TF1. A big disappointment for Lou Ruat (Miss Provence 2019), even if she had taken the fact of not going out a winner. The southerner had reacted to his defeat by pretending to be still proud of her scarf and her place in the ranking (she came 1st runner up of Miss France 2020). In spite of everything, the pretty blonde has entrusted on Instagram feel “nostalgic”.

On the beautiful photo posted by Lou Ruat, you can see her posing in a bathing suit with a necklace and a crown of flowers. A selfie taken during the stay of Miss Tahiti. In the legend, Miss Provence 2019 confessed : “Nostalgic for these beautiful moments to Tahiti…”.

The users regret its defeat

Discovering that the beautiful had a thought for the competition Miss France 2020, internet users were many to tell him that she would have deserved to win. With its 672 000 subscribers on Instagram, Lou Ruat is indeed very popular on social networks.

His fans have including : “Too my beautiful Miss France”, “We agree it would have to be elected Miss France” or “The real Miss France and far away”. But as Miss Provence 2019 had been specified, it may be that his many followers have not voted during the election and that is why she was not elected. This is for Leniency Botino, who has won the contest Miss France 2020, that the people have voted the most.

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