Lou Ruat still responds to the criticisms on his speech during Miss France 2020

Lou Ruat répond encore aux critiques sur son discours lors de Miss France 2020

Lou Ruat (1st dauphine of Miss France 2020) still responds to the criticisms on his speech

The defeat of Lou Ruat, in the face of Clemency Botino, in the contest Miss France 2020 has done much to respond the users… like the speech of the pretty blonde. Miss Provence 2019 has received some criticism following his speech, but in response to the remarks, she does not let walk all over. She responds once again to the haters.

While everyone saw Lou Ruat win, it is finally Clemency Botino (Miss Guadeloupe), who was elected Miss France 2020 last December 14. If some are pleased with this victory, others have not shown to be tender with the beauty queen who is also a victim of racism since his coronation. Lou Ruat suffers some critics, despite its place as the favorite, but for what reason ? Users have not appreciated his discourse too rough according to them.

“You should know that to do it again, I wouldn’t change nothing”

In the Face of these remarks, Lou Ruat, who is nostalgic of the contest Miss France 2020, has not failed to defend himself in his story on Instagram : “I had a lot of criticism in relation to my speech, but be aware that to do it again, I wouldn’t change anything. I didn’t want to be hypocritical, I wanted to be truthful and reveal to you that I was a person like any other) without you to promise mountains and marvels. Too bad for those who have not understood my approach.

This is not the first time that Miss Provence 2019 responds to those who have been found to be of “empty shell” : “In the being at home to Marseille, I was obviously a small pressure not to disappoint the public (…) Some friends have told me that I had bugged my speech, it’s just that I couldn’t speak so the people were cheering and screaming !“, she confided in an interview with Tv Leisure.

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