Louane launches her tour at the Francos de Montréal on June 14

Louane kicks off his tour at the Francos de Montréal on June 14< /p> UPDATE DAY

French singer Louane will give the very first concert of her new tour Le club des sentiments, on June 14, in Montreal, as part of the Francos.

This first solo concert in the metropolis promises to be “hyperdifferent” from its previous ones, she told the QMI Agency, Thursday morning. For the first time in her career, she will be completely alone on stage, without musicians to accompany her.

“It's very special, but I'm still happy to defend this project in this way. I did not see myself, with the album Sentiments, doing the same thing as what I was able to do before, that is to say very pop concerts, “he said. she added.

Artistically, this risk-taking and this exposure that she is about to present on the boards are very stimulating for her, but they also make her “completely afraid”, she said, laughing, at the other end of the wire. “It's downright creepy, especially since I'm going to have to hold the room alone for 1h40 when I've never done that”, then continued the singer, who first became known at The Voice in France, in 2013.

“Despite the fact that [the concert] is very intimate, it will also be very dynamic. I really imagined the tour so that it would be a concept that changes according to the different songs”, she also specified.

It must be said that the album Sentiments, her last one to hit record stores in December, is a much more personal opus on which she wrote the majority of the titles, and where the pop hooks have given way to a simpler musicality, approaching the piano-voice.

The show not having been completely put together – she is going into residency on Friday to set it up – she did not yet know if she was going to resurrect the feelings box, which invited the spectators to confide anonymously about their feelings before each show. The stripping of these boxes and the confidences of admirers on social networks have also inspired certain songs on the album, in particular Tu m'as dit, written according to the testimony of a mother who thought she would never find love again, but finally met the right person.

Maturity and affirmation

Ten years have passed since her participation in The Voice, but also since she obtained her first film role in The Bélier Family. Although each album corresponds to an era in which she lived, the 26-year-old artist believes that she has “really grown in recent years”, including since the birth of her daughter, although motherhood has not changed her way. to work.

All of her background also contributed to defining the artist she wanted to be.

“On my first album I only wrote one song, on the second I wrote 2-3, I wrote half of the third, so it just made sense to write the whole fourth album, but it's really because I learned how to do it,” she said.

“Little by little, I felt better with the writing, and I think that's just it,” Louane explained.

Fries and Zipline

The launch of his tour in Montreal is mainly due to a combination of circumstances, but that's good. Louane and her little family love Montreal. “I came a lot of times off tour. I'm so happy to start with Montreal, it's a city that I really like, “said the singer with enthusiasm on Thursday.

Her last visit to the metropolis dates back to April where she took part in the grand finale of La Voix and offered two songs, Secrets and If you were there.

She also took the opportunity to go zip-lining in the Old Port of Montreal and eat a good fries in the area, she confided.

Louane will present her show Le club des sentiments at the Théâtre Maisonneuve of Place des Arts, on June 14, as part of the Francos de Montréal. Tickets are on sale online.

Art as a catalyst for her ADHD

Louane was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 8 years. Having not grown up with strong role models in the art colony, she does not hesitate to make her voice heard on the subject.

“I am comfortable talking about it today, because I want people to know it's normal. I don't know if I want to be a “role model”, but being able to convey the message that ADHD is not an end in itself and that we can enjoy it is important to me, she pointed out. The art and the fact of writing allow me to learn to catalyze all that in fact.”