Louis Luncheonette in cocktail

Mixologist André Duncan will bring a few Louis Luncheonette restaurants with him to Paris, France, for an international cocktail competition. The non-alcoholic beverage professional will present the judges with a poutine-flavored cocktail … made with Louis-fries and Coaticook cheese.
C is in ice cubes that taste of Sherbrooke’s restaurant will be most pronounced. Indeed, the alcohol-free cocktail must be based on Caraïbos juice, which is not yet available in Quebec. “I really wanted to make a poutine without alcohol. As I have to use one of their juices, I decided to take the banana one because it is the biggest export of the brand. I went to get the whey from the Coaticook Dairy, I mixed it with the unsalted hot fries and no vinegar in a super-efficient mixer, I filtered it to remove a maximum of solid matter, I put it in mussels, I froze it and cut it into julienne. It really tastes fries, “rejoices the mixologist.

André Duncan went to Louis to ask the owner to embark with him on the adventure. “When I went to Louis’ owner, Pierre Ellyson, to make a partnership offer, I made him taste the ice cubes and his attitude changed dramatically. It was there that he understood how serious I was in my approach. ”

“He found it interesting,” he continues. He was happy that I consider Louis to represent the people of Sherbrooke. When he saw that I was able to adapt the menu that has not changed for decades and that I was able to present it like that, it gave him the taste to embark. ”

A salty ice cream made with whey cheese in Coaticook grain will crown cocktails, which can be enjoyed with a straw in welded metal with a fork.

Will Sherbrooke residents be able to taste this non-alcoholic drink? “I’m going to make my big possible. I could do it again, taking the time to make my own banana juice. I do not know if I could put them on a menu given the complexity of the thing, but I will look at my return if I can do for a hundred people, “says Duncan.

The creation, called Trio number 2, extra poutine, is inspired by this same trio at Louis, which consists of a hamburger, a fried (poutinée) and a soft drink (the drink). A Bluetooth radio disguised as a hamburger, which will broadcast remixes of pieces of Vivaldi, will complete the trio.

Another, an alcoholic beverage this time, will also be presented to the judges. Composed among others of carbonated maple water, the invention, which is called Sherbroot Beer, is inspired by the root beer.

The competition will be held on May 28th and 29th in Paris.

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