Louis Tomlinson leads the dance in the video for “Walls”

Louis Tomlinson leads the dance in the video for “Walls”

Expected by 31 January 2020, “Walls”, the first solo album of Louis Tomlinson since the end of One Direction, is revealed little by little. After We Made It, Don’t Let It Break, to Kill My Mind and the Two of Us, the british singer today unveils the video for her new single called Walls. It is to discover on PRBK.

It’s been already four years that One Direction are separated. Since the end of the group, all the members have released their or their album(s) solo… except for Louis Tomlinson. Good news, fans will finally be able to listen to his first installment on January 31, 2020 : “I took a lot of time to work and think about the person I wanted to be. I am glad I have taken the necessary time because I love this identity, “said the british artist in interview with PRBK.

Louis Tomlinson unveils the clip for Walls

To give a small taste of the result, Louis Tomlinson comes out regularly extracted, as Two of Us (in tribute to his deceased mother), We Made It, Don’t Let It Break and Kill My Mind. Today, the singer unveils the clip for her latest single entitled Walls, which is also the name of his album consisting of twelve songs in all.

We discover through several tables, sitting on a chair stuck against a wall, across a desert, in the middle of the dancers, or even an accomplice with people wearing masks : “but these high walls, they came up short / Now I stand taller than them all / These high walls never broke my soul / And I, I watched them all come fallin’ down / I watched them all come fallin’ down for you, for you.” Ah yes, if you have to ask the question, the feats with Bebe Rexha (Back To You) and Steve Aoki (Just Hold On) will not be on the album, “Walls”.

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