Louis Tomlinson still on the outs with Zayn Malik ? “He said many of the m*rdes in recent times”

Louis Tomlinson encore en froid avec Zayn Malik ? "Il a dit beaucoup de m*rdes ces derniers temps"

Louis Tomlinson still on the outs with Zayn Malik ? “I’m always angry”

Since his departure from One Direction, Zayn Malik is really no longer in contact with the other members of the group. And while he seemed to be reconciled with Louis Tomlinson, the interpreter We Made It revealed to still be cold with the ex Gigi Hadid : it still has across the throat of his criticisms on the boysband.

We thought the One Direction-conspirators and best friends, Zayn Malik has it all shattered when he left the group : it has unleashed against the boysband and against the members of the group. “Some people have problems with pride“, “I tried to call them and be their friend, but they have not even responded to my calls and to my messages“, “I’ve never really wanted to be part of the group“, a-t-it-balanced. The british singer has also attacked Louis Tomlinson, which has surprised a lot of people.

“He said many of the m*rdes”

“Tommo” he has so much wanted, but most importantly, it has been strongly hurt by the fact that Zayn Malik does not even come to visit him after the death of his mother, Johannah Deakin, who died in 2016 of leukemia. She had also asked her son to reconcile with his friend before disappearing. A council that he had listened : “I can’t stand to be cold with someone. It doesn’t suit me (…) I saw Zayn and it was nice. I’ve always seen the good in Zayn, it’s just a little misunderstood“, he explained to The Sun in July 2017.

Except that in two years everything would have once again changed between the ex Gigi Hadid, and artist who released his first solo album in January 2020 : “I’m always angry. I don’t think Zayn has any well-managed (…) He said many of the m*rdes in recent times. I thought everything was going well with the One Direction“, confessed Louis Tomlinson at Metro before you confide on a possible reinstatement of Zayn in 1D : “I think I’m not mature enough for that. I can’t give a real answer.

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