Love Actually : Keira Knightley does not include the success of the film

Love Actually : Keira Knightley ne comprend pas le succès du film

Love Actually : Keira Knightley does not include the success of the film

A cult movie for an entire generation of spectators and lovers of Christmas, Keira Knightley – but this casting is not part of his worshippers. The actress said, she does not understand why this film proved a massive hit at this point after so many years.

Not a cult film for Keira Knightley

For many people, Christmas is synonymous with Love Actually. A small tradition that makes the happiness of all the world, but that doesn’t really understand… Keira Knightley, one of the stars of this film chorale. When questioned about it by the Toronto Sun, the actress has even made a funny revelation : “I have no idea [what explains this success]. Personally, I have not seen this film only once, at the time of his First film. So I’m not really best placed to talk about it. (…) The watch if I stumble on it by chance ? No. It’s back to what ? 17 years or something like that ?“.

A success that fills the actress

Nevertheless, the interpreter of Juliet is happy to see the film live through the time. It has reiterated, such a fate was far from obvious at the time of its release in 2003 : “The life of this film is extraordinary because it has not really cardstock to the cinema. Especially in the USA. It is only 4 or 5 years later that he began to be this little event at Christmas“.

Today, however, much to his surprise, “it is now a cardboard everywhere, and even strangely larger in the USA than it is in England“. Of what to give her desires away ? Unfortunately, this is unlikely, even if the cast met recently for a good cause. Too bad, it will only be so for a 572ème viewing of the original.

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