love hockey

Love hockey


When they win, I'm happy. When they lose, I don't care a bit. When they fish in a cauldron, I despise them. When they pay beautiful tributes, I recognize their great class. If they neglect Quebecers, I come with a good gun. 

But I am not a supporter of the Montreal Canadiens. Currently, my favorite player in the NHL plays in Boston and his name is Patrice Bergeron. But, above all, I have loved hockey since I was born and even before.

Watching a game, I appreciate and observe both teams. I like to follow meetings that do not involve Montreal.  

Moreover, when the guys from Martin St-Louis play well, I am fully aware that it cheers up a large part of Quebec. Looks like things are better in our village. And I am delighted when I see Suzuki, Caufield, Guhle succeed and young people begin to identify with them. It warmed my heart at the end of the night on Tuesday, as Jonathan Drouin came out of the game with three assists, a first star and a great wave of love from the public.


I love hockey. At 66, I still play even though I'm no longer advancing on the ice, I covered the activities of the Canadiens for almost 25 years on television, I still give hockey clinics, I coached young people for seven years. For me, it is the most beautiful team sport, the fastest and the most spectacular.

And hockey teaches life. We learn accomplishment, but also solidarity, complicity, adversity. We experience victory and we are taught to accept defeat. We keep lasting memories of all levels and we will have developed special and unforgettable ties.  

So, when events, facts and disgusts are related in initiations like those unveiled this week, my heart rises. I know and I knew very well that it happened. No, I have never witnessed it, but it has been told to me often and for a very long time. These barbaric practices have existed for more than 50 years, 60 years or even more. These were locker room secrets that also happened in other sports and disciplines, but it is still unacceptable. The denunciation that has occurred in the last days is salutary, hoping that it will put an end once and for all to these backward and stupid practices.  


That this happened during the week of the wonderful Pee-Wee Tournament in Quebec, the week when young people from Ukraine hypersensitively visit us, it's sad.

But never let fools, weak-minded or stubborn people tarnish your sport. This era is over and now annihilated. Otherwise, denounce. 

From the enclave  

  • Snowmobilers, spare a little thought today for Armand Bombardier who died aged just 56 on February 18, 49 years ago. Before, he had invented toys, vehicles for traveling on snow, including the famous ski-doo. Know that one of his children had died of peritonitis because he could not get to the hospital in time in a snowstorm. He got his revenge through invention.
  • Bravo Mario Cecchini, the enthusiast, who returns to the head of the Alouettes, if only on an interim basis . What a great and good decision by the Canadian League to bring back this man of exemplary frankness and honesty! This is the best guarantee for the success of what happens next.

Mario Cecchini

  • The Montreal-Toronto rivalry continues tonight, exactly 105 years after the first-ever NHL shutout was scored by Georges Vézina of the Canadiens against the Leafs which, at the time, were called the Arenas. Montreal 9, Toronto 0.
  • Always present in the organization of the Canadiens, Jean-François Houle (Rocket instructor), Stéphane Robidas< /strong> (assistant to Martin St-Louis) and Francis Bouillon (head of player development) all played together with the Frederiction Canadiens in 98-99. Their instructor?Michel Therrien. Small world.
  • The last goal in the history of the Forum, scored against Dallas in March 96, was scored by Andrei Kovalenko. His son Nicolai is 23 years old and he was drafted by Colorado in 2018, but he still plays in the KHL (Novgorod). He plays withIgor Larionov, the son, who also wore the colors of the Quebec Remparts under Philippe Boucher, 6 years ago. Small world, even the other side.
  • At the end of the Tournoi pee-wee de Québec this weekend, the most beautiful aspect will have been the warm welcome in more than 100 Quebec families. And the invitation of the Ukraine team was much more than a blink of an eye. Bravo Québec for the 63rd year.
  • 100 years ago, brothers Frank and Lawrence Zamboni came up with the first plans for an ice resurfacer. The Zamboni was invented in California. To say, huh? However, it was in 1955 at the Montreal Forum that the first Zamboni was used for NHL hockey. It was March 10, a week before the riot. Against who ? Yes, Toronto.  
  • Before the Zamboni arrived, it took 3 men to resurface the ice and it took an hour. We only did it once before the game.
  • In 1942, Maurice Richard's first contract was for $6000 for the year while the average salary in Canada was $1400. Maurice Richard, in his entire career, would never have received more than $40,000 in a season.

Love Hockey