Love in the time of social distancing

L'amour au temps de la distanciation sociale

Quebec is by social distancing. But how does one with the beloved? You are close to 900 000 young people aged 10 to 19 years, and some of you live a loving relationship. How is it going currently? We met (virtually!) Amanda, 15, and Emma, 14 years old, who told us about their experience.

On average, Amanda and Emma saw their chum five or six days out of seven. But they have not seen for a month. Hard, hard! Amanda is in a relationship for over a year with Felix, Emma for the past four months with Mathieu. They agree on one point: “Our relationship is not the same, it is a new way of being as a couple, as a couple with distance and that, that we like less. This is annoying.”

Even if this distance brings them closer in a sense because they are missing, the beginnings were difficult. “When I had nothing to do, I √©nervais my boyfriend in the teasing to gain attention, recognizes Amanda. We were so frustrated and we chamaillait more easily, but it has now found a good routine and you get used to it!”

So, what is it like, their daily? Between the family meals and being at a distance, this is not always obvious. Fortunately, one is in 2020 and the applications do not fail. Long live the internet! And especially, cheers to FaceTime. Every day, the two couples meet by video call, and spend the evening together… “and a little lunch!” says Amanda.

It is almost as if they were one with the other: they watch a movie on Netflix, make games video, play on Snapchat or Houseparty. “Sometimes, it falls asleep even together,” says Amanda. Romantic all this? A little bit, it seems!

Emma finds that this whole crisis has moved closer emotionally. “Of course, it lacks the physical side, but we know that it will not last the whole of life; there is much talk of our feelings, much more than the news!”

If the social distancing lasts too long this summer, it’s going to become more annoying. “We had planned plenty of activities to do together”, they were glad-they. Fortunately, for that which is of the screen time, their parents leave them alone… Otherwise, it would be the horror!

The first thing that will Amanda and Felix once everything is finished? “Kisses, a big hug, and then we’ll go play basketball together at the park. This is what we would rather do!” The side of Emma and Matthew, this will be the time for the longest hug in the world!

Tips to survive a love story:

  • Have a routine, to be called all the time at the same time, give appointments.
  • Keep a good atmosphere by playing games, making himself laugh!
  • Try not to stress, stay positive, and say that it’s not going to last a lifetime!
  • Trust the other in not asking him not all the days if he or she still loves us.
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