Love is in the air: an interesting position Ani Lorak has not escaped the attentive fans

Любовь в воздухе: интересное положение Ани Лорак не ускользнуло от внимательных фанатов

Ani Lorak

The network does not cease to discuss personal life of Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak, who moved to live and work in the territory of the aggressor country. Last post on the page of a celebrity in Instagram has become the cause of another portion of rumors about her possible pregnancy, although she has recently divorced her husband Murat.

Publications Ani Lorak showed a video with US, which appeared in a bright orange coat, dark tights with a chunky clasps, shoes on a high platform and a long sweatshirt khaki. At the same time subscribers have noticed the singer’s rounded belly, then began started to ask about possible pregnancy. The singer signed the publication: “love is in the air.” In turn, the fans in the comments asked questions: “are You pregnant?”, “Yes she’s pregnant or not?”.

It is worth mentioning that recently Lorak was intrigued by the message that in two weeks will be “new life”, as it became known thanks to the message of the singer in Instagram. After a scandalous divorce to her work and life heightened the attention of fans and media.

Between performances, the artist manages to do, and does it with his little daughter Sophie. And writes and presents songs. Ani recently presented the song “a Dream”, which fans believe are autobiographical. In it there are such words: “I saw a dream in which she kisses you, but it’s not fair…”. They say it is because of the betrayal of her husband Ani Lorak filed for divorce.

We will remind, earlier it was mentioned that the famous singer Ani Lorak after a long wait from their fans still confirmed the relationship with the Russian singer Sergey Lazarev. She even told about that soon their relationship will move to the next level and they plan to live together until old age, take children and grandchildren and remember the old days.

As reported by the portal “Znayu” the former producer of the famous Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak Sergey perman, who has been living and working in the Russian Federation, spoke harshly about the presidential elections in our country. The reason for this was his recent post in which he said that voting gave his vote for Vladimir Zelensky.

Also “Znayu” wrote that scandalous Ukrainian singer MARUV, who decided to abandon the “Eurovision-2019”, April 5, was spotted at the ceremony music awards “HEAT Music Awards” in Moscow. In addition, in Moscow, also awarded to Ani Lorak for victory in one of nominations.


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