Love is in the pre-2021: embarrassing sex games, fashion faux pas, malaise … the recap in tweets

Love is in the pre 2021: embarrassing sex games, fashion faux pas, malaise … the recap in tweet This Monday, November 15, 2021, M6 broadcast the last episode of Love is in the pre 2021 before the time to take stock. And on this occasion, we once again had the right to a festival of memorable situations. Between Hervé and Stéphanie who only talk about sex, Nathalie who only knows pink, Valentin who is as embarrassing as Michael Scott or even Sébastien who reinvented the breakdown, we had the right to an unforgettable week!

Permanent sexual tension for Hervé and Stéphanie

A few weeks ago, we discovered Hervé smiling from ear to ear after having made love for the first time with Stéphanie. A very important event which visibly awakened his primary instincts as a young teenager. As we were able to discover once again this week in Love is in the pre 2021 , the cow farmer did not miss an opportunity to let go of his Ultra embarrassing innuendos about her new sex life. Something to embarrass Stéphanie ? Not at all, since this one is the first to play the game and to respond. Squeaky parquet, finger licked & amp; cie … the couple – who should soon be living together if we can trust the key to a new house offered by Hervé to Stéphanie, has already said goodbye to romanticism. We're going to have nightmares about it.

Barbie meets Ken

< p> Who said Nathalie was cold and heartless? This week, the calf breeder did not hide her emotion from Stéphane during a dinner, during which her suitor gave her a pink bracelet. A choice far from trivial when you know the love of Nathalie for that color. Enough to wake up the Barbie side of Nathalie who FINALLY let loose with her suitor (perhaps too much judging from her outfit to make Cristina Cordula fall into a coma), and once again burn our retina. Seriously, what is he waiting for Stéphane Plaza to disembark and redo all the decor ?! It feels like we're back in the days of D & amp; Co .

Vincent vs the SNCF

A priori, if we look at the problems train met by Vincent while he was going to his contender, the SNCF is not a fan of his couple with Marie-Jeanne in Love is in the meadow . Fortunately, the farmer is not the superstitious type and this mishap did not convince him to turn around. On the contrary, the latter finally managed to disembark in Montélimar where he was able to take a tandem ride (let's face it, this bike is only romantic in the movies), before hydrating properly ( maybe even too much) in the company of Marie-Jeanne's friends. A Marie-Jeanne who seems to live in 1990 with a phone booth instead of the phone.

Sébastien and the pampering

There are those who make the hit breakdown to try to catch up and there is Sébastien . This week, the breeder appeared on screen with a strange medical device around his torso. The reason ? He was the victim of a serious quad bike accident which broke two of his vertebrae. However, do not pity the breeder. Not only was this injury less painful than his time in Paris, but above all, this accident quite simply brought him closer to Karine who did not hesitate to go back and forth to help her to recover. Like what, the fantasy of the doctor and his patient still works as much in 2021. If someone has a crutch to lend us, it is for an experiment …

Valentin's belly

We have all already attended an embarrassing show where the comedian chained not funny jokes on stage. Bad luck for Valentin , it is he who took on this sad role during an evening organized with the friends of Charley . Determined to convince them, the flower producer has indeed embarked on a festival of jokes which were unfortunately for him (and for us) as heavy as they were failures, and which only accentuated the unease. What to chill the atmosphere (the relatives of his contender do not validate all Valentine), but also to throw a cold on the couple? Hard to say … In any case, if M6 wants to make a remake of The Office , we already know who can replace Steve Carrel. The cringe has a new king.

Jean-François and Mélanie, things are progressing quietly

The story between Jean-François and Mélanie is as cute as it is classic. The couple seem so made to get along that everything already seems to be going normally. So yes, it's beautiful, it's joyful, it warms the heart … but it's not funny to follow. Nevertheless, we were able to witness some beautiful moments between them this week with the transhumance of the sheep of Jean-François. This is also love: simple stories. And after all, it's better than to hear Jean-François sing. Our eyes have already suffered enough with Nathalie, our ears do not need to suffer the same fate.

Appointment on Monday, November 22, 2021 for the report of L'Amour is in the meadow 2021!

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