Love labels: in Kiev, presented a collection of t-shirts with unusual inscriptions

T-shirts with unusual inscriptions – a new breath in the world of fashion

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Не вешай ярлыки: в Киеве представили коллекцию футболок с необычными надписями

Futbolki prints against gender stereotypes /

In Kiev in the framework of the project “I Zmogu!” The Elena Pinchuk Foundation and platform of Ukrainian brands “VSI. Svoï” presented a capsule collection of shirts with prints against gender stereotypes “do Not hang the labels!”.

Five thematic patterns were created in the framework of the contest, which was attended by more than 100 designers, clothing manufacturers and institutions from all over Ukraine. The main goal of the project is to rid society from the stamps against women and their role in society.

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During the presentation was the display of t-shirts created by the winner of the competition of Charity Fund “friends of the Museum” in partnership with the Odessa art Museum. The prints collection of the woman depicted from the paintings of the exposition and the funds of the Museum with slogans against inequality in society.

Не вешай ярлыки: в Киеве представили коллекцию футболок с необычными надписями

Collection of cool t-shirts / Photo: press-service of the Background of the Elena Pinchuk

Participants of the show were well-known and successful Ukrainian women, including the actress, the heroine of the series “Kiev day and night” Karina Gavriliuc, Executive Director of the BO “100% life” Anastasia Deeva, editor Julia Macgaffy, TV presenter Yanina Sokolova, people’s Deputy of Ukraine Olena Sotnyk, and CEO of the “Family restaurants Dmitry Borisov” Elena Borisova.

Не вешай ярлыки: в Киеве представили коллекцию футболок с необычными надписями

Full collection of t-shirts / Photo: press service of the Elena Pinchuk Foundation

“Each tee is a life story of women who faced in life with the unjust convictions and imposed by society’s thoughts about women’s role in our lives,” – said Today.Lifestyle participating in the project.

“This is not just a project about stereotypes that society puts on women. This project is about how stereotypical
the attitude of our teachers, parents and society affects the lives. As we try to meet the expectations of the family and rush to get married because it’s time; we don’t believe in female friendship and support due to the fact that someone said that female friendship does not exist; as we are looking for a rich husband instead look for interesting job and a decent salary. Believe that wearing these shirts, women will be able to remove the shortcuts that they gave the community for years, and become more independent in their choice,” – said Olga Rudneva, Director of Elena Pinchuk Foundation.

Не вешай ярлыки: в Киеве представили коллекцию футболок с необычными надписями

“My place is where I want” / Photo: press-service of the Background of the Elena Pinchuk

As we told in the exclusive comments to the author and the founder of the “VSI. Svoï” Anna Lukovkina, key moments in the selection of the winners was the ability of the t-shirts on the Ukrainian market.

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“There were a lot of cool ideas, when we chose the winner of the competition. The main advantage of the proposed girls out of Odessa art Museum – is a real opportunity to put a reasonable price for a t-shirt that more women were able to purchase them. Someone says that a woman cannot be successful without a sponsor, and someone that the woman behind the wheel is dangerous. However, our project demonstrates the opposite: it brings together thousands of women that create their own design start-UPS. Want wearing a t-shirt from this collection, we removed the labels with women,” explains Anna Lukovkina.

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