“Love story” Loboda and Lindemann: from the first meeting before pregnancy, joint clips and photos

"История любви" Лободы и Линдеманна: от первой встречи до беременности, совместных клипов и романтических фото

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Scandalous Ukrainian singer Svetlana Loboda, who now lives and works in Russia, is very actively engaged in your account in Instagram. Recently, the celebrity has put up a funny excerpt from the popular show “Evening Urgant” tenderly congratulating the alleged father’s seventeen-month-old daughter Tilda till Lindemann with 57th birthday, which he celebrated on January 4. It should be noted that Svetlana has sung for the beloved Christmas song in German, laugh fans. The artist is not so hard hiding an affair with the leader of the group Rammstein, and many fans still not clear how the stars came together that are so different at first glance people together.

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extra für dich 🎄

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It is worth Recalling that beloved have got acquainted at festival “Heat” in 2017, till literally drove from Svetlana’s eyes, and she Loboda was intrigued by sharing a photo with a romantic caption.

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After this meeting, Svetlana was pregnant, and long kept it, but the fans all discussed her situation and attributed the paternity of the Lindemann. Celebrities such rumors did not comment, but the “Superstar” gave birth to a girl, calling her Tilda. Though the little girl is already a year and a half, her face, the singer is hard to hide.

In November 2018 at Loboda was in trouble – the beauty from the stage was on the operating table with abstractia kidneys, and even postponed a few concerts. As it turned out, till I was there and even took his woman to the hospital.

Then together with her older daughter Eva Svetlana attending concerts of Rammstein and behind the scenes of the show, after an interview with Ksenia Sobchak became smeshno that the Evangelina till gave decoration in the form of flies.

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It is worth noting that his 37th birthday Svetlana celebrated in St. Petersburg in the company of loved ones. Among them was Lindemann, along with his colleagues.

Another significant event is to work together in the video for the song “Frau & Mann” (man and wife), where the scenario till trying to rape Loboda, however, she warms it in a glass ashtray.

Earlier “Znayu” talked about the fact that Svetlana Loboda has posted a very touching photo pregnant myself and fell in love with the youngest daughter, Tilda.

Celebrity also posted a joint selfie with Alla Pugacheva admitted that he admires her.

And the actress in a leather dress showed fans of the excerpts from the interview in which has told about their preferences in music and movies.

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