“Love, we were taught it all wrong”, believes comedian Léa Stéliski who publishes her book “The recipe for love”

“ Love, we were taught it all wrong », believes the comedian Léa Stéliski who publishes her book « The recipe for love »


Following the success of his essay Life is not a race – a bestseller –, the comedian and author Léa Stréliski signs this spring a tasty testimonial on the quest for love, The recipe for love. Comforting, full of common sense and wisdom, funny too, Léa's words are good. And God knows we all need it in these post-pandemic times filled with uncertainty, doubts and disillusionment.

Through the pages, Léa Stréliski shares her thoughts, her confidences, his questions about the couple, celibacy, intimacy, children, daily human relationships. And she does it with gentleness and kindness, without ever using a moralizing tone. 

She talks about love… while telling a personal love story, where two school friends at primary meet one day, get married and have many children.

Does she share in this book a real recipe for love? Is there a recipe for happiness? An elixir of love? Léa, in an interview, remembers having had the flash of the title first. 

“The title is ridiculous. He made me laugh because he is completely exaggerated. What do you know about the recipe for love? But at the same time… I still share my recipe for love, and how I found love. So I say to myself: even if it means finding love, I will share it! »

With an open heart

Why do we find the famous recipe or not? 

“I can't generalise, but I think that love is lived with an open heart. And that often, love hurts because we were taught it all wrong, or because we have experienced things. Because life is traumatic: we have experienced bereavements, we have lost people, we have been hurt. 

“I think we put layers of protection around our hearts because we've been through too much.

Therefore, she adds, many people have their hearts closed, because they have suffered too much, and do not want to know anything more. 

“They continue to move forward by convincing themselves of this scenario: whatever they are going through, they will put those glasses back on and will read the situations according to what they know. I think we all do that. »

Look for authenticity

Léa Stréliski also thinks that we don't live in a society that leads us to go towards our own authenticity. 

“Often, people meet from their ego. They think that's the way to love. They think it is because they are admired or because they earn so much money, because they are successful or because a woman is beautiful. We try to attract the world with what we think we have in love. While often, that's zero that you are… that's zero, your heart. »

On the same frequency

Léa can't say why there are people who find love and people who don't . 

“There is always a mystery in life. But I think love is found in an open heart. »

« The more you advance in life, the closer you are to how you feel, and that you assume your own truth, the more you attract the world which resonates on this frequency. That’s the recipe: intimacy breeds intimacy. »