“Lover” Elena Kravetz helped “Evening quarter” to be the best Christmas show

"Любовник" Елены Кравец помог "Вечернему кварталу" стать лучшим новогодним шоу

Kvartal 95, YouTube

today, 21:28

On the page of the Studio “Kvartal 95” in the social network Instagram has a new unusual photo, and the caption “kvartalova” boasted big news. As it turned out, “Evening quarter” – was the best entertainment of the year. In the period 31 December – 1 January, this show was watched by nearly 14.5 million viewers.

In the photo you published on the website of the Studio in social networks, you can see the cast of “Quarter-95” Eugene Kosh and Elena Kravets, who holds the hand of the famous Ukrainian boxer champion Alexander Usik. Anyone watched “the block” in the new year night, you know that in one of the scenes of the concert, the Mustache played the lover of the heroine Kravets. In the caption to the photo reads: “Friends, you have no idea how much it is important for us and we are pleased that another New year, you meet in the company of “Evening Quarter” and trust us with their holiday mood! Thank you from the entire staff of the Studio “Kvartal 95″, you’re the best!”. Fans of “kvartalova” began to congratulate them on this achievement.

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