Lover to “hang out” in Crimea allowed to show “Kvartal 95”, Zelensky had helped: “a Good walk”

Любителя "потусить" в Крыму пустили на шоу "Квартал 95", Зеленский помог: "Хорошая прогулка"

today, 11:07

The information appeared that the famous Swedish by Dr. Alban, who was prohibited to enter the territory of Ukraine after the concert in the annexed Crimea, already sang on stage “Evening quarter”. According to the singer, it happened once in the situation interfered with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky.

This became known thanks to the message of the artist in the network Instagram.

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“I was denied entry to Ukraine because of my previous show in the disputed island of Crimea. With the intervention of the President I was able to get to Ukraine. A very nice walk in Kiev with the President in the crowd”, – said the singer.

It is known that in the Christmas edition of “Evening quarter” there really is a performance artist who acted in the Crimea. Thus, the network Facebook Kvartal 95 have announced a number of Swedish singer and wrote under his hit “It’s my life” did not obadias no party.

Recall Zelensky waiting plight, the astrologer verdict: “This is karma, this destiny.”

As reported Znayu, Zelensky “knocked out” of Putin’s “Russian world”, people wanted to hear: “Nothing good can be expected”.

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