Low occupancy rates in pediatric emergencies of Montreal

Bas taux d'occupation dans les urgences pédiatriques de Montréal

MONTREAL | doctors Hospital emergency department of Montreal children’s concerns about the low number of young people who visit their establishment, possibly because their parents fear the COVID-19.

Usually, at least 200 children are seen each day in the emergency department of the Montreal children’s Hospital, but these days, the doctors found only a hundred.

The situation is the same in the emergency room at the CHU Sainte-Justine.

“One is about 50% of our occupancy rate as usual. Therefore, for children who are of the prolonged fever, have difficulty breathing, for which the state of health is worrying for parents, we are always available,” explained Dr. Sarah Harrington, a paediatrician and an emergency physician at CHU Sainte-Justine.

In the whole Quebec, there has been more than 1400 cases of COVID-19 in the 0-9 years. It is less than 3% of all those listed. Among the 10-19 years of age, there are 2200 cases, or approximately 4% of those reported to date.

If you have a sick child that needs immediate care, please do not hesitate to bring it to the urgent, where everything is secure, a summary Sylvie Lévesque, head nurse in the emergency of the Montreal children’s Hospital.

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