Low profile in the face of Trump, Biden climbs in the polls

Profil bas face à Trump, Biden grimpe dans les sondages

Washington | the Face of Donald Trump that criss-crosses the country in spite of the pandemic, and Joe Biden, hidden, opts for small meetings close to home. And despite the mocking of the republican president, who is accused of hiding, the democratic candidate for the White House takes broad in the polls.

The road remains long up to the presidential election of November 3, and the former american vice-president, known for his gaffes, could not avoid it much longer throw themselves into the arena to face directly the tempestuous billionaire republican.

The contrast between the two men is striking, highlighted by extraordinary circumstances.

A few chairs set up in a garden, a good distance recommended to avoid the spread of the Covid-19. Mask under the chin, Joe Biden is talking a voice, compassionate with a handful of women and children who have suffered from serious illnesses.

And then he delivers a speech in a room almost empty, the few journalists, installed in a circle marking on the ground the same distance from safety, are not permitted to ask questions.

The former right arm of Barack Obama has traveled 70 miles from his home in Wilmington, Delaware neighbor, to get to these two meetings in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

“Biden lies “

It was the first time that Joe Biden organized a public event in person since her rival has marked his return to the campaign rallies in front of thousands of supporters, rarely hidden and the elbow-to-elbow, in Oklahoma on Saturday.

“Biden lies “, accusing régulièrementDonald Trump. “Why? Because he did not have the strength, energy and mental tightness necessary to lead the country “, is it pinned on the Twitter account of his campaign team.

At 77 years old, Joe Biden shows certainly not the same physical shape as Donald Trump, 74-year-old, who can speak, as Saturday, for nearly two hours in surveying the scene.

“We can talk for two hours but it is what is said that counts “, sweeps Amy Dacey, a strategist, a democrat who teaches at the American University and had been advised by Barack Obama and John Kerry for their campaigns.

“The team and the vice-president Biden speak to the inhabitants and to the local media, going to where they are and not asking them to come to where they are, and this marks an important contrast” with Donald Trump, she stated to the AFP.

The pandemic of sars coronavirus has made more than 120 000 deaths in the United States and provoked a deep economic crisis. Since the death of George Floyd at the end of may, the country is also seized by a movement of anger history against racism and police brutality.

The election is going to play on the voters ‘choice for a type of” leadership “, she explains. “People are suffering, we are living a very difficult moment and they need to make the choice of the leader which can lead them to the exit from the crisis “, with two visions are very different.

“Make out Biden “

Thursday, at Lancaster, Joe Biden has down his rival for his handling of the pandemic: “It looks like a child who simply cannot believe that this happened. It makes that whining and feeling sorry “.

The billionaire new yorker has noted an error of his opponent, who, in front of the families of the sick, spoke of the ” 120 million deaths in the United States.

The “human side, it is trump” of Biden, “and this marks a clear contrast with Trump,” says Barry Burden, professor of political science at the university of Wisconsin-Madison.

For the moment, his campaign to mute succeeds to the democratic party, which not only leads in the polls national (ten points, according to the average of the specialized site RealClearPolitics), but also in a half-dozen pivotal States, who make and unmake the american presidential election.

But “at one point, Biden will have more to show on the field, if only to reassure the voters,” cautions Barry Burden.

Even reduced to its bare minimum because of the Covid-19, the democratic convention in late August, and the long-awaited announcement of the choice of his colistière could offer him a good platform.

Provided that there is no stumbling.

“There is a reason behind the fact that Trump and his team do not stop ridiculing Joe Biden because he remains in the shadows,” says the political scientist Kyle Kondik Thursday, in an analysis for the university of Virginia. “They need to get Biden and hope that he will make mistakes, so that Trump could improve its image in comparison “.

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