Lozère, a popular destination for professionals in the Spanish tourism sector

Lozère, a popular destination for professionals in the Spanish tourism sector

L'Aveyron et la Lozère en démonstration à Barcelone. D. R

Aveyron et Lozère ont participé au salon professionnel We Love Sea Event qui s'est tenu à Barcelone le 21 février  2024.

Lozère and Aveyron joined forces to participate in the We Love Sea Event trade show which was held in Barcelona on February 21, 2024. The departmental tourism committees presented their assets common to travel agencies and the Spanish press. Landscapes, cultural richness, local gastronomy, outdoor sports were all regional assets highlighted. Both territories offered a "unique and unforgettable" tourist experience. to Spanish and Catalan travelers in search of a change of scenery and authenticity.

The Spanish, 4th foreign clientele

In 2022, Lozère Tourisme participated alone in this show and in 2023 Lozère was accompanied by Lot and Aveyron. An initiative which gave rise to valuable contacts with tour operators, press receptions leading to press articles. With more than twenty privileged meetings, Lozère and Aveyron worked hand in hand to inspire and convince their interlocutors to come and discover the local landscapes and offer unforgettable experiences to their customers and readers.

The Spanish, fond of wide open spaces, sports and outdoor activities, are seduced by Aveyron and Lozère. The benefits of the show will allow the 4th foreign clientele in 2022 to be informed and come and spend a pleasant vacation. The travel agencies, tour operators and Mice (organizers of meetings, corporate trips, conferences and events) who were met will also be able to allow groups of tourists to discover the destination.

Throughout the year, this canvassing work makes Lozère known to these professionals and indirectly to Iberian tourists. Following their visit, articles and reports result, offering their readers information, good deals and as many invitations to come and discover Cévennes, Margeride, Causses and Aubrac. 

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