Luc Langevin and Edou, his leopard gecko

Luc Langevin et Edou, son gecko léopard

Luc Langevin, magician and illusionist well-known, there a rabbit or a dove as a pet ? Well, no ! Instead, he chose a leopard gecko. A choice that’s as original as the illusions that it creates.

1. What is the reason that prompted you to have this animal with you ?

I first rented in a specialized trade for a tv show where I had to do a magic trick for Hélène Bourgeois-Leclerc. A trick where I déformais spoons, turning them into an animal model. Helena has thought of a lizard. I then needed to make it appear alive. For this round, I chose the leopard gecko, an obvious choice, because it is spectacular : spotted like a leopard and with beautiful colors yellow and purple. It is simply impressive. Perfect for the tv ! After the shoot, I loved him. My wife agreed, I adopted it.

2. What is it that drew you to Edou as a magician and illusionist ?

A leopard gecko is super beautiful ! There is a certain aesthetic in this animal that does not leave me indifferent. I’ve also seen the side how-to. It is silent. It is important for a magician that the animal is silent when it is hidden from the public. The rabbit and the dove are, too, but I found them too classical. The leopard gecko, it is more cool, more youthful, more modern. And then, it does not demand a lot maintenance : feed once a day, clean his vivarium 2 times per week, to verify that the equipment in the vivarium works well, etc., This is my pet of a magician I could make it reappear as needed.

3. Why have you chosen this name ?

At the beginning, I called it Edward… Why this name ? I don’t know. It just came like that. A year and a half later, the vet tells us that it is a female. It is then passed to Edou, a diminutive less gendered that had already been used.

4. How to describe in a few sentences the “personality” of your gecko ?

It is difficult to define a personality for this type of animal. Like any lizard, Edou is quite “low profile” and rather contemplative. She is reckless, does not seem to be afraid when you take it out. She lets him take and manipulate. It does not save and does not freeze no more. She seems to love walking around on my shoulder and my arm.

5. That eats Edou and what is her favourite treat ?

She eats worms and crickets… Live, otherwise she does not eat. I’m not dismissive and I’m accustomed to the sound of crickets. I think it gives the atmosphere ! The worm Goliath, a big worm is green-blue and glowing, is her favourite treat. She loves them especially. She is right about once per week.

6. What is her favorite place ?

His “coconut” ! In his vivarium, he has this coconut, in which there is a hole. It serves as a hiding place and place to sleep. She puts the ball inside and looks good.

About Luc Langevin :

  • Was almost in the end of the tour for his show Now Tomorrow at the time of the confinement ;
  • This mandatory pit stop allows him to work on several ideas of bold projects and principles for different shows to come.
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