Lucia Calvo, 20 years old, in her first year of medicine, is Miss Montpellier 2024

Lucia Calvo, 20 years old, in her first year of medicine, is Miss Montpellier 2024

Lucia Calvo, between Marie Jovani (first runner-up) and Ornella Castaldo (second runner-up). Free Midi – DORIAN CAYUELA

The young student was elected this Saturday, June 15 afternoon, at the Polygone.

The year 2024 will be unforgettable for Lucia Calvo. At 20, she has just passed the first year medical exam. And this Saturday, at the Polygone, she was simply elected Miss Montpellier 2024.

"A Pride", for this smiling and luminous young woman, from a Spanish family from… hellip; 11 children. Mom was also present, as well as several of her sisters, including her twin, Tereza, at least as moved as her sister: "When we watched Miss France , in December, we said to ourselves: why not try ?" Lucia took the plunge.

A casting later, this Wednesday at Pullman, then, this Saturday, a few natural passages, in a wedding dress, in a swimsuit, at the microphone on the stage on the ground floor – Chaussée du Polygone, in front of Fnac and an audience as large as ever, and here is Lucia wearing the crown of Miss Montpellier.

Solenne and her tattoos, Mélanie and her husband

In total, there were ten of them competing, including Solenne, 25 years old, very applauded with her numerous tattoos, now authorized in the competition. Or Mélanie, 26 years old, flight attendant, with her share of supporters, including Tanguy, 23 years old, her husband. It doesn't matter that his wife didn't stand out, he is "very proud. It’s a magical moment. Her appearance in a swimsuit? That's professionalism!"

Having just come off the stage, Lucia, with a big smile, was able to carry out her first interview. "It's funny, I don't realize ! It’s a challenge that I successfully met with flying colors, like all the candidates. I do not realize. For me, I'm not Miss Montpellier at all."

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