Lucie Lucas (Clem) victim of rape : she looks back on these traumatic experiences

Lucie Lucas (Clem) victime de viols : elle revient sur ces expériences traumatisantes

Lucie Lucas (Clem) victim of rape : she looks back on these traumatic experiences

The star of the series, Clem was revealed to have been raped by two of his former loves of youth. Lucie Lucas spoke again this past traumatizing to explain the reasons which have impelled to reveal everything. The actress has also detail why she decided to speak in November 2019 and not before.

Lucie Lucas is back on its sexual assault

In November 2019, Lucie Lucas had revealed to his many subscribers in Instagram have been a victim of rape by two boyfriends, sexual assault in his childhood and adolescence and sexual harassment in the street and at school. In the middle of shooting season 10 of Clem in a warehouse in Pantin, Seine-Saint-Denis, the French star is back on these painful experiences with Le Parisien : “I did it to show that we can talk about things. When we do not speak, they do not exist in the imagination of the people”.

Despite these terrible events in his personal life, Lucie Lucas has toned down his past, explaining : “Some people have experienced far worse things than me”. By breaking the silence on what happened to him, the heroine of Clem explained that they wanted to show that the path is still long for the women. “I wanted to say that the violence made to women are in my life for a long time, it has big improvement,” she said.

“A trauma, it is digested”

The actress, now a mother of three beautiful children, has also detailed the reasons that have pushed to reveal the rapes that she suffered at this time, and not before. “I was asked : ‘Why do you speak now ?’ A trauma, it is digested and it can take a whole life” she said, “it was the day against violence made to women, I couldn’t go to manifest and Adele (Haenel, editor’s note) had spoken. I said to myself : let’s try to move forward”. Now happy in his personal and professional life, the actress has assured to continue to “move forward”.

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