Lucifer is present in another series before the season 5 : Tom Ellis reacts

Lucifer présent dans une autre série avant la saison 5 : Tom Ellis réagit

Lucifer : Tom Ellis talks about the big surprise of the crossover Arrowverse

This week were distributed in the first three parts of Crisis on Infinite Earths, the new crossover within the Arrowverse. A highly anticipated event for fans, which was attended by Tom Ellis with his character of Lucifer, soon to return on Netflix for its season 5. And obviously, the actor is very proud of. Attention spoilers.

Tom Ellis happy with this surprise

The 3rd part of Crisis on Infinite Earths – the new crossover in the Arrowverse, has reserved a huge surprise for the fans. As we were able to discover on the screen, Lucifer – the character of Tom Ellis in the series from Netflix, is, in fact, appeared alongside Constantine, Diggle, Sara and Mia to help/save Oliver Queen.

A moment, short but intense, which made the happiness of the fans, but also of the actor. More than entering the universe of the series DC of the CW, Tom Ellis was glad to be able to surprise the audience at a few days of Christmas. “When I went on location to shoot the scene, we spoke with Matt Ryan (Constantine) ‘This is so exciting. Wouldn’t it be even more exciting if we could succeed to keep it secret for the fans, until they discover it all on the screen ?‘” he told AND.

A lie for a good cause

But if Tom Ellis has fun on the shoot (see below), he also said that to keep this appearance a secret was not obvious and required a lot of imagination and lies. When asked about his denials of that time in the face of rumors, he said : “I was genuinely present in the city for the birthday of a friend. I’ve just been very vague on the whole truth.

Then, the actor added : “nowadays, it’s not really possible to make surprises with social networks. I think there are a few people who were in the vicinity of the trays and who have posted stuff, but I really wanted to do the surprise to people. That is why [he lied]“. A lie for a good cause, Lucifer is truly an angel.

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