Lucifer season 5 : coming soon: spin-off ? The showrunner reveals his ideas

Lucifer saison 5 : bientôt des spin-off ? Le showrunner dévoile ses idées

Lucifer : soon to be spin-off after season 5 ? The showrunner reveals his ideas

And if the season 5 Lucifer isn’t really the end of this universe if particular worn by Tom Ellis ? The showrunner of the series available on Netflix just admit it, it is already prepared to extend it through different spin-off.

Lucifer come back for a season 5 on Netflix in 2020, but it will unfortunately be the last of the series. However, nothing says that it will be really the end of this universe. At the micro Tele-Loisirs, Joe Henderson, co-showrunner, has in fact opened the door… to a spin-off.

Lucifer was ready to decline ?

Asked by the site about a possible new project “centered on one of the characters at the end of the series, “Joe Henderson astonishment said : “Oh yes, it has a number of good stories !” And this topic seems to truly be passionate about, since it is then assigned on of these famous ideas.

For example, Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt) is an excellent character to make a spin-off. But also Eve (Inbar Lavi), now that it has installed its story in season 4, with his journey and his discovery,” he declared. Not enough for you to pack ? This is not serious, he has other original concepts in mind : “Or, a mystery series centered on a duet for a male with Amenadiel (D. B. Woodside) and Dan (Kevin Alejandro). You have a lot of ideas of absurd and others more interesting because we have amazing characters who could each be the main character of a series.

Convince the streaming platform ? Hard to say. After all, despite the incredible support of the fans, Netflix has strangely not hesitate to cancel Lucifer. Therefore, start to cross your fingers (in addition to you prepare to watch the future episodes) to hope for such a miracle.

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