Lucifer season 5 : even more of the buttocks of Tom Ellis and sexy ? The showrunner responds

Lucifer saison 5 : encore plus de fesses de Tom Ellis et de sexy ? Le showrunner répond

Lucifer season 5 : even more of the buttocks of Tom Ellis and sexy ? The showrunner responds

Season 5 Lucifer, expected next year on Netflix, will she even the eyes, thanks to the physics of Tom Ellis ? The showrunner told on the sexy side of the series and the buttocks of the actor. Attention spoilers.

It’s official, Lucifer will soon have the right to a season 5 on Netflix. And if little information is yet known about it at the moment, Joe Henderson (co-showrunner of the series) is assigned to Tele-Loisirs on the topic that means the most to the fans : the body of Tom Ellis.

A season 5 even more sexy ?

It has been seen in the course of season 4, the actor has given of his person, in not hesitating to reveal her incredible physique in all possible angles. So naturally, many viewers already wonder if Lucifer will show itself even more generous next year.

Response of the person concerned ? “You always want to see more scenes with the buttocks of Tom Ellis“. Yes, these new episodes are expected to continue on this momentum. However, don’t expect to see Tom Ellis swap costumes for the holding of Adam daily. Joe Henderson was then recalled, despite the good sides of Netflix, they can’t do anything with the series.

Like a lot of people look at the series as a family, we wanted to push the boundaries but reasonably. If we played a little on the nudity in season 4, we’re not going to go further in these new episodes. You want people to be able to look at Lucifer as a whole.

Of humor found

A disappointment ? Band of rogues. In any case, if season 5 should therefore not be the most sexy, it should be much more funny than season 4, which was considered too serious. Without say too much about the plots in question, the showrunner has all the same teasé this : “I can tell you that episode 3 of season 5 is the funniest we’ve done for a long time. Looking at the scenes, I couldn’t stop laughing !” And it is what it is, it’s a pleasure.

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