Lucifer season 5 : the end of the series marked by… 2 episodes music

Lucifer saison 5 : la fin de la série marquée par... 2 épisodes musicaux

Lucifer season 5 : 2 episodes of music before concluding the series

Dry your tears. The season 5 of Lucifer may be the last one on Netflix, but the ultimate intrigue will have nothing of sad. The proof, the creators have provided 2 episodes music to conclude at best that fiction is not like the others. This is Tom Ellis who will be pleased. Attention spoilers.

Given that the season 5 Lucifer has been announced as the last of the series, the creators decided to give everything to go for beauty. Thus, after the promise of the appearance of an iconic character in the mythology, today we discover that the final episodes will be marked by a few songs.

Lucifer will be put to the song

Last October, we learned that the fourth episode of this season 5 will be a tribute to the film noirs of the 40s and that it will contain two musical numbers. How ? Why ? The mystery remains whole. What we perforce intrigue and strongly inspire the creative team.

According to the new revelations of EW, Lucifer will be the episode 9 to go to the next level and give life to a real plot music. Entitled “Bloody Celestial Karaoke Jam”, it should, as its title indicates, to give us some epic moments and memorable, but not that.

Unlike many series that play the card of the facility at the time of creating such an episode, Ildy Modrovich (co-showrunner) told the american media, they did everything they could to imagine the perfect history in order to better integrate these passages : “We wanted to have a real story which explained the reason for which they will all get to sing and dance. [Plan for this episode] it was a bit like playing Tetris, but it was very fun. It’s going to be amazing“.

Anyway, it can never be worse than this are prepared by the creators of The Walking Dead

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