Lucifer season 5 : the secret of Lucifer soon known to all ?

Lucifer saison 5 : le secret de Lucifer bientôt connu de tous ?

Lucifer season 5 : the secret of Lucifer soon known to all ?

Currently in preparation (release date on Netflix has not been unveiled for the time being), the season 5 Lucifer preserves the mystery of its contents. However, the actress Aimee Garcia has agreed to return on the relationship of Ella, her character, with Tom Ellis, and on the possibility that she discovers his secret. Attention spoilers.

Ella’s face at the secret of Lucifer ?

The secret of Lucifer – who is none other than the devil, is probably the least well-kept of the world because the truth about him is found… in his own name, and that he continues to say it loud and clear. Yet, despite his presence in the series eponymous since season 2, Ella Lopez – a scientific officer of the LAPD, has still not made the connection. A bad point for his qualities as a cop, but a good thing for Aimee Garcia, his interpreter.

I like that she does not know [his secret], because she can say stuff like ‘Oh, it’s true, you’re the Devil. aka, ‘method actor‘” she told Entertainment Tonight. Most importantly, keep his heroine in the dark regarding Lucifer would avoid the series to repeat : “I don’t want to lose that fun side with her, especially now that Chloe knows the truth. I love when he said, ‘You know, my father is God’ and she responds ‘Oh yes, God’“.

A blur that important to the series

A situation that may frustrate some fans, but which, according to Aimee Garcia, would be the source of this great dynamic with Lucifer. Listening to him, this duo would not work as well if the truth was known Ella : “I find it’s more fun than it is considered as a simple actor without a job, never spared and who needs hugs. For her, it was this guy sensitive. And I love that it is one of the heavenly creatures the most powerful of this world, and she says ‘It is really sensitive’“.

Unfortunately for it, with the end of the series announced at the end of season 5, currently in preparation, the chances of seeing this secret to be unveiled to the big day are rather high. And we are not going to hide it, we can’t wait to discover the reaction of Ella and deal with it.

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