Lucifer season 5 : Tom Ellis makes a revelation on the broadcast

Lucifer saison 5 : Tom Ellis fait une révélation sur la diffusion

Lucifer season 5 : the two parties to say goodbye to a character on Netflix

Two times more reasons to wait impatiently for the season 5 Lucifer ! While the filming of the last 16 episodes continues, Tom Ellis has just announced that the final season of the series will be divided into two parts. Netflix still has not revealed the release date of the sequel of the adventures of Lucifer Morningstar.

Make the fun last might be the new slogan of Netflix ! The famous platform do not hesitate any more to wait for the fans by breaking the seasons of its series into two parts. This is for example the case for The Casa de Papel (the season 4 is expected to 2020) or for the ultimate season of Bojack Horseman (the first part was launched on 21 October and part 2 will be available on January 31, 2020). Next series to suffer the same fate ? Lucifer.

Two parties for the season 5 Lucifer

After having been saved for season 4 launched on the 1st of may last, Lucifer will be entitled to a fifth and final season on Netflix. If the news has upset some fans, the show runners have confirmed that there will be no season 6. Instead, the platform has ordered 10 episodes (like season 4), but 16 new recipes to finish the series as it should be. In the show The Kelly Clarkson Show, Tom Ellis has been a revelation on the broadcast : season 5 will be split into two parts ! “Netflix is going to put online 8 episodes, and then there will be a small break and we will have the other 8 episodes” has confirmed the british actor. A decision that is not very surprising.

The release date of the season 5 episodes of Lucifer has not yet been unveiled. However, we do know already that we’ll get a musical episode very special but also a great return by the end of the series. Check out below images of the shoot exposed in the issuance of Kelly Clarkson :

Lucifer season 5 : Tom Ellis takes her to Kelly Clarkson in behind-the-scenes

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