Lucifer season 5 : what end for the series ? A player confides

Lucifer saison 5 : quelle fin pour la série ? Un acteur se confie

Lucifer season 5 : what end for the series ? A player confides

In 2020, Lucifer will bid farewell to fans through a season 5 divided into two parts. Farewell ahead already difficult for the fans, but that should be satisfactory if one relies on the about the actor Kevin Alejandro (Dan Espinoza). Attention spoilers.

A few days ago, Joe Henderson – the showrunner of Lucifer, told to be ready for the creation of a spin-off centered on the character of Tom Ellis and Constantine, that of Matt Ryan in the Arrowverse. A project which excites many fans and that we would almost forget something very important : the series has recently been cancelled by Netflix and season 5, planned for 2020, will therefore be the last.

A perfect ending

So, before you think about a series spin-off, it is time to take an interest in this last season (who could see the secret of our anti-hero preferred to be revealed). In this regard, Kevin Alejandro – the interpreter of detective Dan Espinoza, has just been entrusted on what we could expect of the final episodes of Lucifer. And obviously, nobody should be disappointed. “All I can tell you is that it will be, in my view, the end for which we all fought“, he notably explained to Digital Spy.

According to the actor, the writers have perfectly taken advantage of the last 16 episodes of the series to imagine a logical conclusion, consistent, and satisfactory : “I have the feeling that the series develops in exactly the way we needed it to be. We have the opportunity to go clear at the end point [of the story]“.

A short season, but useful

Yes, for those who regret the low number of episodes in comparison to the diffusion of Lucifer on Fox in seasons 1 to 3, Kevin Alejandro sees on the contrary a choice creative more intelligent : “Each character is made up of many complexities, so [the short format of the seasons] allows us to sail immediately to the arcs and important obstacles that everyone must face“.

Less talk, more results. Difficult to not be happy.

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