Lucifer : soon to be a spin-off with John Constantine ? The creator and Matt Ryan are ready

Lucifer : bientôt un spin-off avec John Constantine ? Le créateur et Matt Ryan sont prêts

Lucifer : soon to be a spin-off with John Constantine ? The creator and Matt Ryan are ready

Recently cancelled by Netflix – even if new episodes with season 5 is still to come, Lucifer – driven by Tom Ellis, will she be entitled to a third chance ? It is possible. Joe Henderson – its showrunner, is pushing for the creation of a spin-off with John Constantine (Matt Ryan).

It was the little surprise of the third part of Crisis on Infinite Earths, the crossover in the Arrowverse, Lucifer – the character of Tom Ellis, has lent a helping hand to the hero helping his “friend” John Constantine (Matt Ryan) to go directly to Purgatory in order to help Oliver.

A spin-off to Lucifer and Constantine ?

As a surprise, totally unexpected for the fans, who clearly has given you some ideas to Joe Henderson, the co-showrunner of Lucifer. After having confided to EW that he was not totally responsible for the scene in question is seen in the episode of The Flash, “What are the writers of The Flash have written. And they have done a remarkable job in capturing this voice, knowing as write Lucifer“to Joe Henderson’s confessed to now be ready to write something about her character and Constantine.

I have a few theories about their past relationship and you should explore it in a spin-off,” he declared. Then, in order to support his dream, he is back on the special relationship between the actors, “[an appearance in a crossover] was a thing that I really wanted to do. I find it hard to realize that it was done. This is the coolest thing. (…) I saw Tom and Matt Ryan together, outside of the platters, talking about their characters, what they could do, and I couldn’t believe it.

Everyone is hot

What give ideas to the CW ? And why not. As we know, it is not the only one who dreams of a spin-off. Marc Bernardin (writer of several series, such as Castle Rock, Alphas) took to Twitter to declare : “Dear Warner Bros TV : I would love to do a mini-series driven by Tom Ellis and Matt Ryan, who would follow Lucifer and Constantine during a road trip between Los Angeles and New York, seeing the broken hearts and to scratch the earth in their passage“.

A concept is approved by Joe Henderson, who replied with a GIF of Lucifer, but also by Matt Ryan who has used a GIF of Constantine, to mark his desire (see below).

With all of that, you almost forget that Netflix has recently cancelled Lucifer who did not return for a season 6… good news for the Arrowverse ?

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