Lucy (love is in the pre-2018) mom : she gave birth to her baby

Lucie (L'amour est dans le pré 2018) maman : elle a accouché de son bébé

Lucy (love is in the pre-2018) mom : she gave birth to her baby (whose father is Jerome Prior)

Emeric him sembole be a distant memory. The former contender of The love is in the meadow 2018 on M6, has found love in the arms of Jérôme Prior. It is even quickly fell pregnant with the footballer. And the young woman became a mother because she gave birth to their baby.

Lucy’s mom

Pink diary ! Lucy that you had been able to follow him in love, is in the pre 2018 on M6 became a mother. The one that was a contender in the show presented by Karine Le Marchand birth of her baby. A first child that she had with her companion Jerome Prior. After being separated from Emeric, and to have delivered the “real” reason for their break-up, Lucy has found love in the arms of the footballer, who evolves at Valenciennes FC.

While his ex Emeric had been in a relationship with Maëlle, with which he was already talking about marriage and baby, from his side as everything goes well for Lucy. It has proudly announced the birth of her baby in her story Instagram. At the climax of the happiness of having given birth to her daughter (because, yes, it has unveiled the sex of the baby and it’s a baby girl), she will be able to taste the joys of motherhood.

A first photo unveiled

Lucy has even posted a first photo of the child on which you can just see the hand of mom and the baby’s hand next to it. The dad is also very proud, he said to his daughter : “Welcome baby girl”, “I love you”. Her sweetheart, meanwhile, she added with tenderness : “too Much love”. On a post to Instagram, the one that had announced her pregnancy in August 2019 on the social networks, stating be pregnant of Jerome Prior, revealed that the child arrived later than expected. Yes, past the term of 9 months, the little one is made to wait. But now, she was born.

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