Lufthansa cancels 'almost all' of its flights in Germany due to strike

Lufthansa is canceling “almost all” of its flights in Germany due to 'a strike


German airline Lufthansa announced on Thursday that it will cancel “almost all” of its flights from and to its main airports in Frankfurt and Munich on Friday due to a strike pilots. 

The first European carrier will cancel 800 flights during the day of September 2 due to the social movement announced Wednesday evening amid negotiations on salary increases, according to a communicated, specifying that “130,000 passengers are concerned”.

The strike, which concerns Lufthansa airlines and the Lufthansa cargo branch but spares Eurowings, should last from 00:01 (22:01 GMT) to 23:59 (21:59 GMT).

“The new tariff negotiations (.. .) have failed”, announced the Vereinigung Cockpit union on the night of Wednesday to Thursday, which is demanding a 5.5% wage increase, automatic compensation for inflation and adjustments to the price list.


Lufthansa has expressed its “complete incomprehension” of the social movement, which comes after a difficult summer for the airline sector due to a shortage of staff at airports and a strike by the company's ground staff in late July. , which has also grounded hundreds of flights.

The group says it has proposed that its pilots “obtain in two stages a total increase of 900 euros per month”.

“ Lufthansa must come up with a better offer,” said trade union official Marcel Gröls.

Lufthansa has around 5,500 pilots in its passenger and freight transport activities. Vereinigung Cockpit is the only union to represent them.

A consultation on the principle of a strike at the end of July had given a majority of 98% in favor of the movement among passenger pilots and 99% at Cargo with a participation of approximately 95% of members.

The group reached an agreement at the beginning of August with the Verdi union which represents ground staff.

Employees will receive a raise of 200 euros per month, then an additional 2.5% in early 2023 and another 2.5% in July 2023.