Lujipeka (Columbine) received in the heart in the video for “Ahou”

Clip “Ahou” : Lujipeka (Columbine) draws her first solo song

A year after the release of the album “Goodbye soon” and its reissue “Goodbye, goodbye”, Lujipeka forsakes his partner of Columbine, Foda C, to launch out in solo. It is this Thursday 12 December 2019 as the rapper unveils the video for Ahou, his first song without his accomplice, in which he confronts his demons.

Lujipeka Columbine back in solo

If you want to do solo projects, we have the right“, asked Lujipeka and Foda C of the collective Columbine in an interview with PRBK in 2018. A year after this comment, Lujipeka proves that he has not lied since he just released his first solo single called Ahou. The adventure continues strong and I sincerely hope that this first song you will like it“, he posted on Twitter.

Even alone, the rapper keeps the universe from Columbine to give us a sound that’s effective and hovering in which he speaks of sincerity, of drunkenness, of “war wounds“, in fears and sorrows of the heart. Side clip, Lujipeka remains faithful with his style, with a staging, quite dark and quirky : in the video for Ahou, we discover it in particular attached to a tree trunk with arrows planted in her heart. The karma would he have turned against him ? Apparently…

With Ahou, it may well be that Lujipeka is preparing a solo album, a year after his opus with Foda C, “Goodbye soon”, date-stamped titles, Cache-Cache, Borderline, Goodbye soon and Virgin Suicide, and the re-release “Goodbye, goodbye” carried by the sound It is not serious.

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