Lunar calendar hair coloring August 2019

Find out when is the best time to color your hair in August 2019 according to the lunar calendar

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July 19, 15:11

Лунный календарь окрашивания волос на август 2019 года

Lunar calendar hair coloring

When you can dye your hair in August 2019по lunar calendar to change colors and a new image you like, brought pleasure and benefit, attracting health, success, and attention and compliments from others? See detailed lunar calendar hair coloring in August 2019 and choose the best days to visit the Barber.

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Lunar calendar for August 2019: when to dye your hair

August 1 – 30, 1 lunar day. Change the color of the hair at the junction of lunar days may cause problems and distract from the important things.

August 2 – 2 day of the moon. Lunar calendar hair coloring today recommends to opt for natural colors.

3 August – 3 lunar day. Dyeing hair according to the lunar calendar, this day is not desirable, because you risk to deteriorate the health of your curls.

4 August – 4 day of the moon. Lunar calendar for hair coloring advises not to look for new shades and to maintain its former color.

5 Aug – 5 lunar day. Choose for painting bright colors – this color will bring pleasure and pleasant communication.

6 August – 6 day of the moon. According to the lunar calendar hair coloring is a negative period for the makeover.

August 7 – 7 lunar day. Good day for dyeing hair, gives strength and confidence.

August 8 – 8 day of the moon. Today it is not necessary to intervene in changing the appearance and color of your hair, it is better to leave things as they are.

August 9 – 9 lunar day. Choose natural shades for hair coloring, it promotes their healing.

10 Aug – 10 lunar day. To change the image of the ideal purely natural means, and do not use chemicals on the hair.

11 Aug – 11 day of the moon. Neutral day to change hair color, you can safely touch up the roots.

12 Aug – 12 lunar day. According to the calendar of dyeing hair, this day is suitable for dark shades, which will attract financial luck.

13 Aug – 13 lunar day. Radically change the color of hair you will attract interest of the opposite sex.

14 Aug – 14 day of the moon. Good day for care of hair, but to paint them is not worth it, not to harm.

August 15 – the 15th lunar day. Shouldn’t move away from his hair color, in this case, the colour result will make you happy.

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16 August – 16 lunar day. Neutral period for hair coloring, it is possible to disguise the roots.

August 17 – the 17th day of the moon. Nice day for painting in the desired color and hair tinting, you will be satisfied.

August 18 – the 18th lunar day. Bright hair color will lift your spirits and help you find common ground with others.

19 Aug – 19 lunar day. The day is suitable for experiments with color, the hair will remain healthy and radiant.

20 Aug – 20 lunar day. Dyeing hair is better in natural color, which will positively affect business development.

August 21 – the 21st day of the moon. Not a great day for the color change, especially by chemical means.

22 Aug – 22 lunar day. It is not necessary to dye your hair today, if you don’t want unpleasant change, or stay in the native color.

23 Aug – 23 lunar day. Bad day for manipulating hair, better move the painting to another period.

24 August – 23 lunar day. On this day, it is better not to carry out the procedure with the hair, move the painting to another time.

25 Aug – 24 lunar day. Well today choose a tone darker than yours, it will bring profit and great deals.

26 Aug – 25 lunar day. Not a great day for hair coloring, it is better to be engaged in their recovery.

27 Aug – 26 lunar day. It is best to choose for natural hair shades, you will be satisfied appearance.

28 Aug – 27 lunar day. Quite successfully pass the coloring and toning of hair, don’t be afraid to use new colors.

29 Aug – 28 lunar day. A good period for painting, for a calm mood, choose soothing shades.

30 Aug – 29, 1 lunar day. Change the color of the hair at the junction of lunar days may cause problems and distract from the important things.

31 August – 2 day of the moon. Lunar calendar hair coloring today recommends to opt for natural colors.

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