Lunel: actions linked to the Educational Cities system are unanimously supported

Lunel: actions linked to the Educational Cities system are unanimously supported

Les élus et l'inspectrice sur le terrain. Midi Libre – JPS

Le maire et l'inspectrice de l'Education nationale ont assisté à la restitution annuelle, ce jeudi 20 juin, au complexe sportif Colette-Besson.

A stroll around young apprentice fencers and dozens of budding scientists who created rockets and other small robots. This Thursday, June 20, Mayor Pierre Soujol, his deputy for Youth and Education Sonia Mokaddem and the inspector of national education Carine Belrepayre met at the Alain Le hall -Hetet.
There but also on the adjacent Colette-Besson athletics stadium where the Ancient Games took place, since Monday and until this evening, students from 9 of the 13 schools in the priority districts of the City and Saint- Sériès put into practice the new knowledge acquired within the framework of a new system for promoting equal opportunities called Educational Cities.

More than 3,000 students affected by the projects

A system launched and financed largely by the State and tested in Lunel for two years. Piloted by the State, National Education and the City, it makes it possible to carry out various innovative projects in schools , during school time. Actions around sport, visual arts, culture, science and philosophy. Dance is thus offered to CPs for a better perception of their body in space, athletics to CE1 to develop their motor skills, scientific activities target CE2 and CM1 and team sports concern CM2 . These various projects now affect more than 3,000 young people from Lunel in primary and secondary schools.

General satisfaction after two years

« through the Educational City, we aim for three objectives: to reinforce the role of the school, to promote educational continuity and to open the field of possibilities to students », explains the ;deputy for Youth and Education.
An elected official who welcomes the feedback « very positive » of the first evaluations with parents and teachers carried out jointly by the City and a research firm. A satisfaction shared by Carine Belrepayre: « It is a total and absolute success recognized by teachers, students and partners of the system. We manage to create successful training courses around various disciplines and citizenship. » Suffice to say that all stakeholders are already hard at work to extend the Lunel version of the Educational Cities beyond the initial three years with undoubtedly an extension outside of school hours…

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