Lunel: In the light of Pescalune, generations have crossed paths for over a century

Lunel: In the light of Pescalune, generations have crossed paths for over a century

L’affiche (la première ?) de la fête de l’année 1896 prêtée par Éric Calvo.

The city’s unmissable summer event is one week away from its launch. From July 13 to 15 and July 18 to 21, Lunel will once again thrill young people, teenagers and adults (children and parents).

Some are waiting for it with fervor. Like every year. Others impatiently. Especially this year.

Because the current national context is less festive than that which looms in a week. The legislative elections gave this start of summer an unusual atmosphere, flavor and seriousness. And this evening the name of the new deputy for the 9th constituency will come out of the polls.

Unwavering Appointment

But in the city, we also get busy with other activities. The municipality is testing the pedestrianization of its center (read next page), the technicians are setting up and dismantling the stage of the Lunel Ose festival (read Midi Libre on July 4), the City services are completing the space which will receive the statue du Pescalune renovated this Wednesday July 10…

And she is there, unshakeable. Always there for these days around July 14. After having also gone through difficult periods like in 2020, Pescalune will (again) do good to everyone and give the city again these activities and festivities which made the meeting famous in the region and beyond. beyond.

A poster from 1896

Difficult to date the first edition of the Pescalune even if we were able to get our hands, thanks to Eric, from the Calvo dynasty, on a poster (perhaps the first ?) which dates from 1896.

At the time, it was called “National Day” ; later “Fête de Lunel”. It was only during the municipal reign of Claude Arnaud that it was decided to name it after the legendary fisherman.

Always tradition as a common thread

However, regardless of the title given to it, it has always drawn and still draws entire generations of Pescalunes and Lunellois. D’abrivado en bandido. From one zinc to another. From old concrete arenas to those with a daring design and volume. Always with tradition brandished like a standard in the wind of which the horses' manes fly and the bulls' horns whistle.

The upcoming vintage still promises a delicious vintage. In two stages and full of movements – from Saturday July 13 to Monday July 15 then from Thursday July 18 to Sunday July 21, as desired by the organizing municipality – Pescalune 2024 will keep the city awake to the rhythm of the different programs of these seven days.

For all tastes and there are many

The races, trophies and bullfights will of course be, without much surprise of course but still with just as much enthusiasm, essential elements of this edition (read below).

It is also the bullfighting club La Cocarde, which has not had it for years, which will take the clau of the City, this Saturday July 13, at 10:30 a.m., at the end of the opening parade in the San Juan arenas.

The Camargue tradition will therefore have the right to be heard throughout the days with abrivado and bandido (up to eight on certain days), roussataïo, release of 100 horses (Thursday July 18) and 100 bulls. In the late afternoon and not in the morning for the latter, moved to Friday July 19 (instead of the traditional 14) due to the occupation of the arenas by the Lunel Ose festival which is making a – good – splash in the program for the first time.

To the sounds of peñas and orchestras

Late evenings, to the sounds of peñas and orchestras, which will deepen many stomachs who will only have a few hours to wait to find sustenance, regain their strength and begin the new day of celebration.

This will be the case with the famous – in every sense of the word – lunch in the meadows with ferrade and meal taken from the bag at the Hournède (July 14) or during the herdsmen's breakfast , Place des Caladons, which will open the second round of Pescalune (July 18), and the same day, in the early evening, with the opening of the bodegas.

The pequélets, celebrations of tomorrow

The Camargue tradition, however, doesn't tempt you that much (don't say it too loudly anyway…hellip;) ? No worries: do you want some from the program? there it is for him, for her, for you, there will be some! Especially for little ones, pitchouns… sorry, peaches!

A day (July 15) will even be dedicated to them. They will also share a lunch in the meadows at L’Hournède, followed by a parade, an aperitif, games… which will set the mood in Jean-Hugo Park.

"Midi Libre" on tour

Trout fishing, show for children and adults, torchlight procession, local market, belote and doublet pétanque competition (both mixed), Festi’lune , the theater festival of the Compagnons de la Comédie de Lunel… Don’t throw away any more! All tastes, all fun and cultural flavors will be honored.

Not forgetting the summer tour of your regional daily Midi Libre which will make a morning stop (July 19) on the square in front of halls of the Cours Péri. Entertainment and surprises guaranteed!

Complete program available at Lunel town hall, on its website as well as at most retailers. I subscribe to read more

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