Lunel: The round of neighborhood meetings is over, time for the waltz of proposals and solutions

Lunel: The round of neighborhood meetings is over, time for the waltz of proposals and solutions

Le maire Pierre Soujol a apporté des premières réponses. A. C.

Lunel: The round of neighborhood meetings is over, time for the waltz of proposals and solutions

Près de 80 personnes ont assisté à cette dernière rencontre. A. C.

Le centre-ville était la dernière étape, ce mercredi soir 26 juin, des rencontres municipales “Au plus près de chez vous”.

Exercise accomplished! By going into the field and meeting Lunel residents during six neighborhood meetings with the explicit slogan “Closest to you”, Mayor Pierre Soujol, elected officials and municipal officials did the job.

No window dressing, no words flying in the wind but listening and responses, provided in situ simultaneously. These are the ingredients which constituted the menu of these meetings, the last of which was served this Wednesday, June 26, at the Henri-de-Bornier school, and which concerned the area of ​​downtown Lunel.

Six meetings and six sectors scrutinized

A final, well-established meeting with adjustments quickly made (a map, visuals… projected on the big screen) at the end of the first opus which launched this system, on May 15, with and for the northern Lunel sector.

All took place in a similar manner with, at 4 p.m., the visit to the district concerned by the mayor, elected officials and technical services, followed, at 6 p.m., by the meeting with residents.

Bird droppings, difficulties linked to the work…

Ending with the city center, it is not the calmest area, in several senses of the term, which Pierre Soujol and his staff of the day made up of Stéphane's deputies tackled Alibert (security and prevention), Véronique Michel (urban strategy) and Paulette Gougeon (daily life, urban cleanliness, nature in the city).

The discussions were, however, courteous and constructive, with each request eliciting a municipal response. Bird droppings, difficulties linked to the works, complicated parking and traffic or even excessive speed on certain main roads constituted a large part of the problems raised by the assistance made up of nearly 80 people.

Put a quick end to daily incivility

There was also talk of repeated incivility on “spots” become real meeting places, most of the time at night, for individuals disinclined to respect silence as much as the environment.

A scenario repeated at several points in the center of Lunel to which Thibaut Azaubert intends to add an end credits:"We have been effective in other neighborhoods, we will be effective in yours and from this evening !", assured the police director municipal address to a resident who suffers from this noisy squatting in front of her house on a daily basis.

More or less long-term solutions

This precious daily life, precisely, that the mayor intends to preserve and improve with all the City's teams. That evening, very short-term solutions were provided; others will be studied in the near future.

"We will now work on the different requests made during all of these meetings “Closest to you” to prioritize them, underlined Pierre Soujol the day after the latter. We will now look at those that we can process quickly and include others in the medium or long term depending on the budgets available to us."

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