Lunel: This festival which dares to go from La Petite culotte to Maé, from Zazie to Sunday

Lunel: This festival which dares to go from La Petite culotte to Maé, from Zazie to Sunday

Julie Pietra, totalement 80's ! M. E.

Maestria Production sort le grand jeu en intégrant trois dates du Lunel Ose festival à la veille et au cœur de la Pescalune.

It’s true, we had to dare to put names from diametrically opposed musical and cultural spheres on the poster. Jumble: Aubert, Kenji, the Gypsies, Zazie. The Avener and Lavilliers, too.

It is however this bet, although risky, which was taken from the first edition, in 2021, of the Lunel Dare festival. At a very young age, he opened his stage that year to Patrick Bruel, Jean-Louis Aubert and already Sunday Music.

Despite the back-to-school period and wallets somewhat drained by the holidays that had just passed, the public had responded honorably to these three dates in September.

"Let the people of Lunel take ownership of their festival" 

Enough to reassure Maestria Production, which manages the events within the San Juan arenas, and the City of Lunel in their desire to repeat the cultural event in 2022. With, already, one new feature: the event was brought forward by two months and took place in July.

"There was the desire that the Lunellois take ownership of the festival, their festival, and also launch the summer events, explains Stéphane Roussille, of Maestria Production. The period also allows to attract tourists who discover Lunel differently."

A double concert and multitude of artists

The formula is kept and is even played in two partitions in 2023. Four concerts take place in June and three in September. And in the middle, all alone and with everyone: The Avener.

The French DJ filled the arenas with his electro house on July 13, in the heart of Pescalune! Yes, you had to dare. And confirm by going up a notch even since this summer, it is not one but two evenings (including a double concert!) that the Lunel Ose festival offers itself at the heart of the annual festival of the city.

Maé, Obispo, Zazie

After Nadau and Sunday Music on Saturday July 6 and Sunday July 7 and Christophe Maé the day before Pescalune on Friday July 12, the Lunel public will fill the stands of San Juan with the two consecutive concerts of Pascal Obispo and Zazie, Saturday July 13 , from 8 p.m. (doors open two hours before).

The first will celebrate his 30-year career accompanied by twelve musicians while the second will be found in a new formula of his Nouvel Air Tour a few weeks before the release of his next album Air.

Audience, stand up!

A single day of respite will be granted to the sand of the Lunel arenas since the closing of the first round of the Pescalune and of this 4th Lunel Dare festival will take place in songs and in the plural, Monday July 15, from 9 p.m. , with all the artists of the show From the 80s to the present day. La Petite culotte, Ottawan, Hervé Acosta, Kema Baliardo, Ricoune, Boris and Julie Pietri will share the stages. And the public, like Eve, will certainly stand up!

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