Lure of 25 teenagers: three days of hearing for Beaudoin’s sentence

The accused Magog was jailed in January after being found guilty of luring computer with 25 teenage girls at the beginning of December 2017.

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Beaudoin pleaded guilty to voyeurism for filming a young woman without his knowledge at the end of March.
Justice Hélène Fabi of the Court of Quebec held Wednesday. October 1, 2 and 3 for sentencing observations.
“On the evidence to be administered, there are at least five people maybe six people who want to be heard,” says the prosecutor, Joanny Saint-Pierre.
Defense counsel Guy Plourde will challenge the minimum sentences that must be imposed in the various sexual cases. According to the Criminal Code, computer luring is punishable by a minimum sentence of one year in prison for each victim.

“The accused applicant argues that in his particular case, the application of minimum and consecutive sentences is a cruel and unusual punishment (…) by its effect disproportionately excessive,” said Plourde in his application filed in the record of the Court.
Attorney General of Quebec Jean-Yves Bernard was present at the courthouse in Sherbrooke.
Beaudoin used Facebook’s private messenger messenger to solicit victims. The accused asked teenage girls to come and look after him, even though he has no children. He also tried to attract them under the pretext of coming to clean at home or sell them cell phones.

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