Luxurious wife Pits boasted bright photos with the Paradise resort: envy every

Роскошная жена Ямы похвасталась ярким фото с райского курорта: позавидует каждый

Now the famous Ukrainian dancer Vlad Yama, together with his family spends the holiday in the United Arab Emirates. Photos from vacation shared wife dancer Liliana.

Vlad’s wife told how she and her husband in UAE looking for Ukraine. About it it became known through the publication of Liliana in Instagram.

Роскошная жена Ямы похвасталась ярким фото с райского курорта: позавидует каждый

The Wife Of Vlad The Pit Liliana

“Global Village Dubailand is a unique large-scale fair, which gives you the opportunity to experience the culture of different countries. By the way, for some reason Ukraine we have not found, but then we said it is, but in Russia… it’s All insanely beautiful, lots of restaurants with various national cuisines to suit every taste and a Park with rides and a Ferris wheel. A great place to walk with family, which we did…,” wrote Lily.

It is worth Recalling that Ukrainian singer Nastya Kamenskih, which is now under the pseudonym NK, continues to delight fans with new songs and clips, and still photos on his page in Instagram. This time the Ukrainian singer has published on his page in the social network video, who boasted to fans that gave an interview to American radio.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that many celebrities turn to cosmetic surgery to keep their beauty and even to correct some flaws in appearance. But the Ukrainian singer Olga Polyakova found a way to do a facelift without surgery. Recently on the official page in Instagram the actress shared with fans the video, which showed the results of RF-lifting immediately after the procedure.

We will remind, Freimut frightened the children in the school in a transparent outfit: bare revision.

As reported Znaia the DoppelgangeR Megan Markle with juicy buttocks surpassed Kardashian: gathered more fans than the Royal family.

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