Lyrical and hot: TOP best songs of Nastya Kamenskih

The singer began his musical career in a duet with Potap

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Лирические и горячие: ТОП лучших песен Насти Каменских

Nastya Kamensky married Potap

Today, may 23, will host the event, which was awaited by many music lovers of Ukraine and not only. Nastya Kamensky and Potap are getting married. The pair have been ignoring all questions and requests for comment about their relationship, but now said publicly – Yes, we’re getting married! Potap in honor of the wedding today dedicated the sweetheart of the song “Constant” and Nastya Kamensky wrote in a touching Instagram post.

Nastya Kamenskih for the first time commented on the rumors about the wedding:

We offer you to remember this day the most popular songs Nastya Kamenskih and how her career began.

“Not a couple”

The first song of the duet “Potap and Nast,” which became a hit.


This Spanish track Nastya Kamensky hit the world Billboard chart. She already sang a solo.


This is a landmark work for NK, it’s the first Ukrainian-language song as a solo performer.

“It’s my night”

And this is the first video in his solo career Nastya Kamensky. Oh, and lit under it girls!


Another new Ukrainian-speaking working NK. Song recognition, as did many fans of the singer and no wonder. It is uniquely dedicated to the beloved singer.

“Ass like Kim”

New job Nastya Kamensky, the clip has already become controversial.

Recall that stellar colleagues have congratulated Nastya Kamensky and Alexei Potapenko wedding day. Among them, Tina Karol, Nadia Dorofeeva, Irina Gorovaya and others.

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