Lyubov Uspenskaya shared family tragedy: “Started Smoking weed”

Любовь Успенская поделилась семейным несчастьем: "Начала курить травку"

Lubov Uspenskaya,

today, 12:43

Famous Russian singer of Ukrainian origin in an interview to the program “live” shared family problems. She admitted that can not establish a relationship with his daughter after a scandalous interview in which she said that her mother choked her. “I go over to see another girl. This is not Tanya, whom I adored, who was my Muse, which I’ve been saving all this time,” says assumption with tears in his eyes.

The singer says he was trying to hide from her daughter’s condition, and to protect them from scoundrels who could take advantage of its position. The assumption also told that her husband was blackmailing her, that will not give the daughter’s inquiries about the travel to Russia. So she decided to save the marriage. A woman complains that her husband never helped their daughter and did nothing to show that he’s the father. “I gave him $1.5 million, he killed him, bought him an apartment,” – said the singer. She also said that her husband molested daughter money.

Любовь Успенская поделилась семейным несчастьем: "Начала курить травку"

Lyubov Uspenskaya with her daughter, Mir 24

The assumption says that her daughter Tanya has always lived in comfort and in no need of, and then suddenly decided to go to the US. The husband persuaded the star to let go of the daughter they even gave her money, the father supported the move daughter in Los Angeles. But there the girl started Smoking pot, which upset the singer. And after a trip to Peru, she came inadequate: shouting, screaming, hysteria,” – told the assumption.

Любовь Успенская поделилась семейным несчастьем: "Начала курить травку"

Love assumption photo: Konstantin Sednev / Postimees group

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