Lyubov Uspenskaya stood up for the probable kingpin: the reason

The singer claims that she knows nothing about the criminal activities of Oleg Shishkanov

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Любовь Успенская вступилась за вероятного вора в законе: названа причина

Lyubov Uspenskaya was in the hospital – media

Recently, the Russian Maecenas Oleg Shishkanov sent to jail, charging him with prosecution in a criminal money, gambling, drug trafficking and prostitution. Soon, the network got the letter, which was signed by about 40 people, asking them to release shishkanova under house arrest. Among those who signed the document are Lev Leshchenko, Gazmanov Oleg and Lyubov Uspenskaya.

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In the air one of Russian radio stations “Moscow speaking” Lubov Uspenskaya explained why he fought on the side of someone you suspect of criminal activities. According to the singer, Oleg Shishkanov – her classmate, who is a patron of the arts. The assumption stated that he knew nothing about illegal activities chichkanova and to withdraw its signature will not be until I get evidence of his criminal actions.

Любовь Успенская вступилась за вероятного вора в законе: названа причина

Lubov Uspenskaya

“I know that he is the owner of a football team, every year arranges class reunions. In my view, “thief in law” needs to be formidable, to swear obscenities, do not know. And this is a considerate man, every year it’s on “Song of the year” has invited all the stars, respectful, all classmates idolize him. For me it’s a shock. I will change the ratio only when reliably recognize that the man is dishonest and is associated with the crime,” – said the singer.

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