Lyudmila Barbir and Eugene the cat showed passion on “Dances with stars z 2019”

In the seventh broadcast, the participants exchanged partners

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Людмила Барбир и Евгений Кот показали страсть на "Танці з зірками 2019"

Lyudmila Barbir and Eugene the cat

This Sunday, October 6, hosted the seventh air “Tancu z with stars 2019”. The main intrigue of the evening was the exchange partners, that was a real shock for some couples.

Note that this week none of the participants would leave the project. Despite this, audience voting, will be open throughout the week and will be added to the assessments, eighth edition.

In today’s broadcast the presenter Lyudmila Barbir and Eugene Cote, who formed a couple the night before the seventh issue, stirred the imagination of viewers passionate cha-Cha-cha.

Of barbir went to the floor in a lace bodysuit and a white shirt, and Eugene – with a naked torso in the apron. The judges evaluated hot statement 28 points.

Lyudmila Barbir and Eugene the cat – Dances z with stars – 06.10.2019:

Earlier, we wrote, who left the show “Dances with stars z 2019” last week.

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