M. H. Grover : dress men “strong and big” for 50 years

M.H. Grover : habiller les hommes « costauds et grands » depuis 50 ans

Shared by Hulk Hogan, the Montreal Alouettes and Guy Charbonneau ? These are all clients of Dr. H. Grover, a boutique specializing in plus size fashion male.

Established company on Wellington street in Verdun since 1945, but specialized in the male fashion size large in the last fifty years, M. H. Grover now offers a range of clothing that measurements vary wide large 10-X. Kenny Grover, the current owner, worked there for 35 years, up to six days per week.

“I want to see more people of high size wear colors, pounds-t-it. Just because you’re bigger, it doesn’t mean that you can’t dress like everyone else. It is our philosophy.”

Recognized as a specialty store, it was not uncommon to see some known clients or their agents in M. H. Grover, tells the story of Anna Mambro, a salesperson for 28 years.

“We funded the Montreal Alouettes, they came here to dress. We sold the Jack Victor and they commanditaient also the Canadians, ” she said, citing as Ken Dryden, Guy Charbonneau and Louis Champagne as guests.

Even the costume of the actor and wrestler american Hulk Hogan is coming to take a look.

“He was taking sweaters size medium for the benefit of his muscles ! “, remembers Anna Mambro, laughing.

A family run business for all

But Mr. H. Grover has not always been a plus size store. Born of the dream of Jenny Grover and Max Hirsh, a contractor, a jewish belarusian arrived at Verdun in 1900, Mr. H. Grover will open first as a haberdasher’s shop in 1925.

“My grandfather said always go where the single worker was, because it is always in need of clothes,” adds Kenny Grover.

The father of Kenny, Ronny Grover, will take over in 1945. His son will join him later in the 1980s, when the company decides to move to the plus size fashion.

“My father asked me to come help a December in 1983, and 35 years later I’m still ! I got the bug “, lance-t-il.

Anna Mambro for its part, considers that the options were still few in number for men of size large or larger at the time.

“At the beginning, 75% of the clientele was women who shopped for their husbands. They did not want to be denied a thousandth time because no one size is their doing “, she adds.

Over the years, the store will always be the mission of dress for men not finding clothes in their size in the conventional stores.

“I remember that the father of Kenny sent us to take measures in mental health university Institute, Douglas. For him, it was normal ; it was always with the underdogs and he came from a time where that was the customer service, ” she concludes.

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